Gate Post is a place I spell out significant things we need to be thinking about and discussing. It emerges in the context of our local church but it isn’t about us. What God is doing globally goes far beyond us. He’s called us to make a contribution and that’s what is happening here.

Gate’s are filters. They recognize good and let it in. They spot bad and deny access. The city gates in the ancient world were places people met, deliberated, and decreed. Stuff that benefited everyone in the city was posted at the gate. Gates were the focal point of attack. These are all powerful metaphors for the type of church God has called us to be and indications of how I see my role as a gatekeeper.

You can contact me directly via email ( or through our website, but I aim to encourage direct dialog with me through the comment link in each post.

By way of biography… I started our church in 1994, prior to that I pastored in Chicago and Kansas City. KC is my hometown – Go Chiefs! Come on Royals! Kristen and I are approaching our twenty-fourth anniversary this year (Alaska here we come!) and we have three great kids – Caleb 22, Thomas 19, Kaitlyn 18. I’ve written several books – the most recent is on the Sermon on the Mount. In 2010, I was elected to the South Dakota House of Representatives.