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Been thinking alot today about the loss of Derek Loux in a car accident this morning. There are some flashback feelings for me – it’s hard to lose fathers this way. Kristen first directed me to Derek a couple years ago when she attended a session Derek taught on what it really means to be a disciple. I plan to dig that teaching back out – it was excellent, just excellent. A favorite for our family is Derek’s IHOP acronym song which I think is uber-funny even if you don’t know him or IHOP-KC world all that well. Here that is:

My friend Randy Bohlender shares these reflections on the loss of his friend – reconciling what we feel and know.  Also, his sister-in-law Tracie Loux posted this statement from the IHOP Leadership Team on her blog. Also, here’s the Loux Family blog. Beautiful stuff.

Derek, a 37 year old father of ten, was all about adoptions and orphans. I pray his death, and now his life testimony, launches thousands of others into this calling so dear to the heart of God. (I’m not sure why else our Heavenly Father would take home a father who devoted his life to being a father to the fatherless.)  Derek founded the Orphan Justice Center and The Joshua Fund – please check the website out and give, give, give and get on board.

Kristen said a few moments ago that if anyone embodies the “true religion” of James 1:27 — caring for widows and orphans in their distress –– it’s the IHOP community. Let’s all rally around Renee and family in prayer and generosity.  And, take note of those God has placed near you who hurt tonight.

You can buy Derek’s music here. Surely it’ll all sell out at the Onething conference next week.  We especially love his Paper Religion CD. I remember Derek planned to write a symphony on the Song of Songs. I hope that project was far enough along to share it with the rest of us. If not, I guess we’ll have to wait for That Glorious Day.

Kaitlyn reminded me of a song on Derek’s Paper Religion CD.  It’s called You’ll Be Home Tonight. Derek sings as God would sing over his Beloved (Jerusalem) who long for death to come – he promises to bring us home. You can hear it and download it here. Here are the words:

When the world is on your back. And there’s weeping in your streets. When you’ve lost the strength to laugh. And the pit you’re in’s too deep. When your prison chains, they cut. And you long for death to come. When you lack the power to fight. I will bring you home tonight. Darling you’ll be home tonight.

Jerusalem. Jerusalem. I long to hold you tight. I will bring you home tonight. Darling you’ll be home tonight.

Derek is home tonight.

I’m a week late in posting about our Christmas message series.  This week is week two.  Last week Pastor Dennis kicked it off with a message titled “I Told You So.”  I pick up the baton this week.

Here are some of the big ideas which are behind this series FORETOLD: A Prophetic Christmas

  • People today are hungry for prophetic insight
  • God does nothing without first revealing it to his servants the prophets (Amos 3:7)
  • Prophets foretold Jesus’ first coming with specifics and detail
  • Many missed Jesus’ first coming in part because they were prophetically-challenged.
  • Jesus’ Second Coming is foretold and therefore we need to immerse ourselves in the prophetic revelation of his Second Coming or we’ll miss that too.
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