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Today I’ll relate Proverbs 30:15 to the spirit of entitlement in so many today… “The leech has two daughters named Gimme and Gimme More” (The Message).

A leech lives off the lifeblood of another and according to this verse the mentality is generational —meaning you pass it on to your kids. We need to apply this first to ourselves in the church before we relate it to the 50% of our nation not paying taxes.

More from me in the days ahead on how God is shifting ministers and missionaries off support letters and fundraisers and endless offerings. My contention is that “the paid guy” is in the way of the fulfillment of the Great Commission because what happens is everyone shows up week after week and watches him do the work. A doctor recently told me he has many ministers in our town as patients and they are all on anti-depressants.  And I’d add they are all broke and struggling. How can broke people be a blessing to people in hard times? They can’t.

A couple weeks ago in Greece I put forth some thoughts on the various mentalities to avoid in an economic crisis. One was this entitlement mentality. Others have to do with coveting and envying what others have (class warfare), the poverty mentality, and the victim mentality. I’ll probably say more on this matter this weekend.

Last year I spoke some on the importance of having a Great Depression mentality. God spoke to me on this last year… that we need a Great Depression mentality right now…. meaning that like our grandparents who lived through the years following 1929 that we also would have a willingness and mindset to do whatever it takes to put food on the table for our family, regardless of the effort or STIGMA. Also we need the Faith of a Sower mentality. People have no harvest because they don’t plant seeds – and I’m NOT just talking about over and above giving and more offerings. I’m talking about literal WORK in fields (the marketplace) that will produce a return.

So much to say. This weekend I’m developing the matter of having a mentality that not only allows for, but a mentality that produces miracles and supernatural supply. Comments are always welcome.

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