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Recently I’ve been encouraged to make available past message series I’ve done. We put a TON of work into these in terms of graphics and quality but mostly what we aren’t wanting to waste is what is really there – dump-truck loads of content– Biblical exposition and revelation.  Some people cut corners at work, however when it comes to teaching on the weekends, I don’t.  In fact, I do agree with those who are telling me it is a shame that this stuff just goes in and out our ears only once. So, I’m going to start featuring past series here and you can order them here.  More to come.

I did a seven part series called The Fall Away Factor back in 2007 as a follow up course to the Omega Course….

The Spirit clearly and explicitly says that in the latter times some will abandon the faith.” (1 Timothy 4:1) Of all the glorious and much anticipated facets surrounding the Second Coming of Christ for his Bride the Church, there are significant horrors as well. One being a foretold great falling away of those who were previously settled in the fold. The soft spirituality and hardly-committed American Church will surely see the greatest defection when being a follower of Christ really starts to get difficult. This abandonment will go beyond backsliding and backpedaling and into the realm of betrayal and renouncing core Christian beliefs. In a message series that runs parallel to The Omega Course, Pastor Steve walks through six factors fueling apostasy underscoring how we can ensure our lamp oil does not run dry.

Contains seven audio messages;

  • Part 1 – Don’t Let Your Love Grow Cold
  • Part 2 – Standing on Unstable Doctrines
  • Part 3 – Standing With Israel
  • Part 4 – Mad at God
  • Part 5 – Half-heartedness
  • Part 6 – Understanding the Times to Come
  • Part 7 – Bonus Message – The Days of Noah

$15 plus shipping – order here.

I’ve been in George Washington mode for a couple months – just finished a thousand page biography of him and am just starting another thousand pages on him. (Here’s the book I’m reading now.  Excellent, just excellent!) When I finish that book I have a little study plan mapped out in prep for Kaitlyn/my annual trip to DC and Mount Vernon in May.  Here’s an amazing thing I uncovered today (in light of what I dub “Recognition Theology” — (America as “Israel” or as an Israelite nation and the nation we call “Israel” today, to be Biblically precise, actually being Judah).

Prior to his public service, George Washington was a land surveyor (as was his father who died when George was 11.)  Using his father’s surveying equipment, as a young man, Washington surveyed and purchased land.  Below is a picture of the front cover of his surveyor’s notebook which as you can see, has some scribbles, a couple calculations, and a one-sentence, very cryptic quote in his own handwriting —- historians never mention this quote apparently disregarding it as being without context and therefore gibberish and entirely meaningless to us today.

Here’s the quote as it’s tough to read in the pic…

If you can’t find it in the book of Ezekiel, look for it in Israel.

It reads like a riddle – a prophetic surveyor’s riddle.

Google the riddle and you’ll see that absolutely nothing comes up.  It’s on no historical radar anywhere that I can find. Yet, Peter A. Lillback does mention it.  He discovered the page in the Library of Congress and he writes the following about why Washington might have written that on the cover of his surveyor’s notebook;

As Washington was taught the Scriptures by his Anglican childhood tutors, he learned that Israel was a nation marked out by very clear boundaries (Joshua 13-21), such as would be well understood by surveyors.  And the book of Ezekiel concludes with a remarkable survey of the New Jerusalem (Ezekiel 40-48). The young surveyor apparently autographed his official record with this observation.  His task in the pristine woods of the New World in some way reminded him of the Biblical accounts of marking off expanses of land that had been gifted by God. [George Washington’s Sacred Fire, by Peter L. Lillback, page 108-109]

Lillback obviously has a sense of what this is about— but I believe Washington knew that blood descendants of Abraham came here and that this land is the land of promise spoken of by Hebrew prophets like Isaiah, Ezekiel and Joel.  It is foretold in Joel 2:20 that at the time they are attacked at the end of the age, the people of Israel will be occupying a vast land between an eastern and a western sea (America is the only non-island nation spanning from “sea to shining sea“). Perhaps you are aware that when Washington died, Thomas Jefferson wrote; “verily a great man hath fallen this day in Israel.”

What did these guys know about “Israel” that few recognize today? (Did you know Jefferson was a “Jew?”)

End Time Israel is not just a little nation in the Middle East but rather “a nation and company of nations” with a population as innumerable as the sand on the seashore, just as God told Abraham it would one day be.  Hosea 1:11 foretells the coming day when “the people of Judah and the people of Israel will be reunited...”

Judah = Jews. “Israel” refers to the ten northern Hebrew tribes – the blood descendants of Abraham who were scattered and migrated mainly through the Caucasus Mountains and populated Europe and eventually the New World. It appears Washington had some sense of these things.

Last Thursday Glenn Beck started a little firestorm over the topic of “social justice” and the Church. MSNBC hammered him…

First off, I have trouble listening to Rev. Jim Wallis talk about justice when he has no regard for the plight of the unborn. His “gospel” is good news for the trees on the planet but bad news for the smallest most vulnerable people on the planet. But putting that aside, he does what any marginally Biblically literate person could do, he lays out a watertight case showing that the Bible speaks volumes about justice and God’s heart for the poor. However, Wallis refuses to acknowledge that much of what passes as “social justice” is rooted in politics, humanism and the rejection of Jesus as the Savior of the World.

But he does do a good job of making Glenn Beck look like an idiot. Beck says “social justice” has become a code word. Here are those controversial comments;

I beg you, look for the words ’social justice’ or ‘economic justice’ on your church Web site. If you find it, run as fast as you can. Social justice and economic justice, they are code words…. Am I advising people to leave their church? Yes! If I am going to Jeremiah Wright’s church,” he said, referring to the incendiary black pastor who led the church attended by the Obama family members when they lived in Chicago. “If you have a priest that is pushing social justice, go find another parish. Go alert your bishop and tell them, ‘Excuse me, are you down with this whole social justice thing?’ If it’s my church, I’m alerting the church authorities: ‘Excuse me, what’s this social justice thing?’ And if they say, ‘yeah, we’re all in that social justice thing’–I’m in the wrong place.”

“Social justice was the rallying cry–economic justice and social justice–the rallying cry on both the communist front and the fascist front.” … “Nowhere does Jesus say, Hey, if somebody asks for your shirt, give your coat to the government and have the government give them a pair of slacks.”

I wouldn’t say the term “social justice” is a code word and I disagree that each time it is used that it is a veiled Communism or Fascism. I do think however social justice is a thoroughly Biblical theme that has been undeniably hijacked by humanists who reject the revelation of Jesus Christ as THE answer to what ails the poor of the world. It’s unfortunate (for Beck) that he dove head first into this seemingly lacking a broader understanding of what he was getting himself into – theologically, Biblically, and historically.

Listening to these clips of him speaking on this topic makes me think he’s not aware the debate and controversy these past 125 years over the notion of a “social gospel” – something which has divided mainline and evangelical churches for a century.  As you can see in the video he set himself up for a major smack down. I saw that coming a mile away. 

Fire away at me for saying this but I view Glenn Beck as an emerging prophetic voice to a nation – he is the loudest voice right now pointing this nation back to its Christian Foundations – and yes I am aware he is a Mormon. God can speak through donkeys.  And right now the MSM wants us to think he’s an ass.

It’s not true that every church that uses the term “social justice” is speaking in code. However, it IS true those who have no tolerance for how the Bible says justice will come to the earth have hi-jacked the term. And, in my view, it is true that many evangelicals are falling fast into a false justice movement that is taking root in the earth.  In my view, Beck is on to something, although it appears to me that he’s not fully aware of what he stumbled onto.

At the End of the Age a counterfeit justice movement will emerge that will set the poor up to receive the anti-Christ (Rev. 13:16-17). Stuart Greaves writes;

…a false justice movement is emerging in the earth that will seek to serve the poor, but will end up seducing them with lies and leading them to eternal ruin. Multitudes of the poor of the earth will bend the knee before a demonized man… the very movement that claims to be motivated by compassion to serve and liberate the poor is, in fact, preparing them to be swept up into the harlot religion and receive the Anti-Christ…

In that article (sited below), Greaves differentiates the false justice movement with the Christ-Centered Justice Movement. Greaves says:

Pursuing social action outside the context of the apostolic gospel is opening up the door to preaching a false version of Jesus, a Jesus who is nothing more than a sympathetic humanitarian with a gospel of social reformation.

The basis of the false justice movement will be in humanism and in the rejection of Jesus Christ but it will appear compassionate.  To quote an important book from a couple decades ago – there is a beautiful side of evil —and that is how many will be deceived – counterfeits are masked as the real thing.  The stage is set for that and Beck, though hardly an articulate spokesman on the topic of the false justice movement, has, for better or worse, stumbled onto it. Regarding Jesus (as the One who returns to bring true justice to the earth), the Bible says righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne. The false justice movement rejects righteousness – they “pursue social activism at the expense of holiness of heart.” (Greaves)

Here is the link to the Stuart Greaves article Pursuing Christ-Centered Social Justice.  Greaves also has a good teaching on God’s Vision for Justice.

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