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It’s amazing how music connects with the seasons of the heart. There probably hasn’t been one point in my Christian life where I couldn’t quickly point to a song that was really ministering to me at that particular point in time. It’s like jumping from lily pad to lily pad in how I grab on to this song during this season and find myself resting on another one in the next season. Right now, my whole family is “stuck” on the song Beautiful by Phil Wickham (but they tell me Grace Kim does it best). There is a major anointing on this especially when Grace starts singing the ah-ah, a-ah-a -ajhh, ah-a, ah-a-ah, ah – hauntingly beautiful! You don’t get this on Phil’s YouTube version.

The song I’m stuck on right now is Justin Rizzo’s Found Faithful – particularly this line… “I want to be found faithful, I want to be found steady, until the end” If you have a few minutes to be quiet, listen to it here from the OneThing conference in KC last December. I think I’ve been singing it in my head since then.

Those who know me know I value steadiness and steady people. Inconsistency in the Body of Christ is stifling Kingdom momentum. People, be steady. So many are tossed to and fro – they are hot one day and cold the next – they are fully committed today but you don’t see them tomorrow – they are rowing with you one moment but then something spooks them and it’s all you can to do keep them in the boat.

Steady people stay put. They are dependable and fixed. You can build something lasting and strong with steady people. Unstable people underneath whatever you are building for God is a disaster waiting to happen. Steady people are not thrown off course by offense. Steady people hold a lot of weight. In Galatians 2:9 Paul referred to James, Peter and John as “pillars” in God’s House. God gave me a word a couple years ago that I was to ask him for pillars.

In the history of architecture, pillars came to be as people got creative about expanding the size of their dwellings. Pillars are essential if you want to go up or out with a structure. Do I need to connect the dots for you? The Kingdom of God expands up and out. Pillars are steady and unmoved and they are essential if we are ever to do the big things God is calling us to do.

Steadiness comes with spiritual maturity. It is evidence of being anchored in God and his Word. God is steady and the more time we have with him the more stable we become. Be one who remains, abides – in the secret place and in public. Be fixed and rooted. Faithfulness is one of the fruit of the Spirit. Let it be said of you that you are steady, stable, consistent, reliable, fixed, unmoved, faithful, and planted.

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