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Nonviolence is inspiring and possesses an indomitable spirit. Few things are more unsettling, unpredictable and unstable as the mob spirit in the atmosphere of riot. And nothing neutralises a violent atmosphere more effectively than nonviolent gestures.

The world got to see this in full-color yesterday in the intensification of tensions at the Standing Rock No Dakota Access Pipeline standoff in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Riot police showed up to this peaceful event in Bismark as Native communities gathered to discuss recent court rulings and updates on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Tension was high at first and then this happened that changed the tone.

Note the language in this eyewitness report; tension was high at first, then this happened that changed the tone. Discernible hostility in the atmosphere is a reality. Some would say it is a sociological phenomenon. Others, me included, know it to be spiritual. There are demonic spirits behind violence, hatred and war. Those are only fed by responses of violence, hatred and war. When will we learn?

Demonic spirits are happy when both sides kill each other. Gestures of love and peace break their hold and neutralise them. Instantly there are discernible shifts in the atmosphere.

Black Lives Matter, please take note.

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Note the location of this newly discovered massive 200 billion barrel oil field that will increase our nation’s domestic oil resources by a factor of ten. Experts expect this will be one of the greatest booms in Oil discovery since Oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938. Am I alone in believing God in preparing to release us from dependance on Babylonian nations? Check it out here

North Dakota rancher John Warberg said, “It seems like God flew over this country, and a dart landed on Granddad’s homestead.” Warberg is being paid royalties for the new oil well on the land where his grandfather’s crumbling, nearly century-old homestead shack stands. There is a interesting audio of him talking about this on the NY Times website.

Chuck Pierce prophesied in 2004 that this day would come – that riches and resources would come forth from this land – land the rest of the world writes off as “wasteland.” The Bible says “you will be called Sought After.” Somebody just preached a message by that title (South Dakota: Sought After)… hmm…. Maybe God is preparing to bless those who bless babies.

Last summer I went to Ghana with a team from Church at the Gate. Ghana was celebrating the fact that they just discovered oil. Actually, the discovery of oil came within six months of the President of Ghana dedicating the nation of Ghana to the Lord. I have pictures of banners that hung all over the nation calling the nation to “a national day of prayer and thanksgiving for the discovery of oil within six months of dedicating our nation to God.” That’s what the banners say!

I believe God is willing and wanting to bless us, and is readying to do so. The blessing however is continugent on us dealing with the shedding of innocent blood and the nation turning back to Him. Just like in Scripture, when the people of God don’t do this, he enslaves them to pagan nations who hold them captive.

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