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Momentum: God's Ever-Increasing KingdomHere’s another shameless plug for my new book “Momentum: God’s Ever-Increasing Kingdom” which was published by Strang/ Creation House and released on Tuesday. I had a blast seeing one thousand pastors get free copies at a conference last week in North Carolina!

It’s available at Amazon and all the other usual outlets but you can get it even cheaper here. If you have a blog, I’ll send a second copy to you for free (for your pastor, staff or leadership teams or whoever) if you devote a blog post to it with a link back to the website. Email the blog link to me at

This really IS a handbook on momentum for church leaders, ministry leaders and others who want to see kingdom increase in their midst.  Since I published a little 29 page booklet on momentum in 2003 I’ve been dialed in on this subject particularly as it relates to my world of church planting and church growth. There is not much out there on this topic and that’s what makes this book so unique and timely. It’s full of insight and encouragement.

Maybe a glance at a few of the chapter titles will stir your interest even more; “Relentlessness“, “Small Beginnings“, “Discerning the Pace of the Spirit“, “Stopping a Stampede” and “Removing Obstacles Downhill the Momentum Snowball.”

It was a huge honor that my friend Pastor Chris Hodges, who pastors America’s fastest growing church according to Outreach Magazine, said this:

Steve Hickey gets it right! One of the greatest needs of the local church is to grab hold of kingdom momentum.  But Steve does not just talk about momentum; his church has it. So climb in, buckle up, and get ready to take a ride!

Author and church leader Larry Kreider commented that “the chart on page 113 alone is worth the price of the book.” On that page I name 23 things that stifle momentum and 23 things that stoke it.

Just to give you a taste, one of the stiflers of momentum is hope deferred. Discouragement will put the damper on everything. Most church leaders I know are wired for great kingdom exploits and many times those hopes are deferred.  I encourage you to celebrate early wins! Even the small ones!

Working with those who fight addictions, we have learned to rejoice in all the little milestones.  What a mistake to wait until a person is sober for several years before declaring victory! A man who gave his life to the Lord last week told me just today that seven days have gone by since he had his last drink.  What a victory! And what a mistake to hold back any celebration until he reaches some other milestone.  Happy churches are churches that celebrate all the time.  People will work toward parties.  Proverbs 13:12 says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life” (NIV). The Message renders this verse, “Unrelenting disappointment leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around.”

There is nothing like a changed life to enhance momentum. Testimonies of victory stir something deep in us and give us faith for greater things. They ought to be told at the onset of every staff meeting and be frequent features in our worship services. Celebrating our wins is a sure way to make the most out of what God is doing in midst. No matter how insignificant your progress appears, celebrate anyway.

You’ll have to get the book to see the other 22 momentum stiflers.  You can order it here. Check out… feedback is welcome!


In 2003, I wrote a little 29-page booklet called “Maximizing Momentum: All Aboard the Move of God.” Long story, but it has since turned into a full-length book. Actually the full length book has been done for two years already. Last summer, I trained 100 church leaders in Ghana on these points. In the last five years I’ve taught this stuff at leadership retreats, to church plant launch teams, and to mission pastors. The feedback I’m getting is that there is nothing like what I have here and that the church desperately needs this message.

You say, what then is the hold up on it’s publication? Money. Still no breakthrough there but I’m going to press ahead getting it ready. My editor finished her work on this last summer and now I’m thinking about a creative layout and title. We had a little brainstorming session the other night on possible titles. At present, as you can see in the graphic, I’ve been going with the title “The Big Mo: Seizing the Crescendo Seasons of God’s Ever-Increasing Kingdom.” However, nobody in Africa last summer could figure any of that out – especially the “big mo” thing. My translator looked at me like I had broke out into tongues.

We are kicking around a few title ideas right now –
1. Unlocking the Secrets of Momentum
2. Momemtum Made Easy
3. Momentum Secrets
4. Crescendo: Momentum for the Church
5. Pastor Steve lights a fire under the butt of believers
6. Escalation in the End Times
7. _____________________________

I need some major feedback on this so, please, freely comment. If you are creative, shoot me a fresh title suggestion. If you like one of these, which one?

I like to make up words. That’s no surprise to anyone around here. Made one up last weekend… “unmuzzleable.” That’s how we ought to be! It means you can’t shut us up… let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!

Moments ago I made up another word while reading my friend Dino Rizzo’s recent blog post on what is happening among the women of his church. Sounds like every Monday night down there is Chick Night and the Healing Place Church women have reached the point of unstoppability (another new word… now I’m on a roll!). POP! Into my head comes this new word… womentum! It’s momentum on estrogen! It’s when the sisters plow past the brothers in pursuit of the things of God. The serpent doesn’t stand a chance against her heels. In my head right this minute I hear Esther from Sanford & Son saying, “whaatchit sucker!” Even her name is prophetic – Esther!

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