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Once again we can thank God for stirring Hollywood to drop another LIFE gem into the mainstream of American culture. Those with prophetic ears and eyes will certainly see what Hollywood surely had no idea they were showing us. That’s because God can even speak through a donkey. Let’s pray adults nationwide see what a theatre full of children have no trouble seeing – the value of life no matter how small.

Stephen Schwartz in his book “The Moral Question of Abortion” lists four differences between the born and the unborn, none of which make either less of a person.

1. Using the acroymn SLED, the first difference between the born and the unborn is SIZE. The unborn is smaller than a newborn. But Gary Coleman is smaller than Shaquille O’Neal and it would be absurd to say Gary has less moral value than Shaq.

2. Second is the LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT. An adolescent is more developed physically than an infant but that doesn’t give it a greater right to life. A person is no less a homo sapien in its earlier stages than in it’s latter stages of development.

3. ENVIRONMENT is the third difference between the born and the unborn but it too is irrelevant to personhood. Where one is is irrelevant to who one is. A newborn in her mothers arms is no more a person than one still in its mothers womb.

4. Fourth is the DEGREE OF DEPENDANCY. If dependancy is a factor in determining one’s intrinsic value than it would follow that people in nursing homes somehow lose their humanity when they lose their ability to live on their own.

What we have in Horton Hears a Who is a prophetic parable or a timely allegory for America. He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying to this nation.

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