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Leaders know that when you are fighting the good fight people say stuff about you, both good stuff and bad. Being human we tend to give more weight to the bad and let it bother us more. It probably takes three affirmations to outwiegh one low jab. Church at the Gate is filled with affirming people and I’m blessed. But today I got a big blessing from a CATG mom who forwarded on her eighth-grade daughters language arts assignment to me – it was about me! Gulp. I’ll post it below.

This is a first for me and quite an honor! Had the realization that this next generation is indeed looking up to us for models. That’s not something to take lightly. I also know these young gals and guys wearing pro-life shirts and buttons to public schools are heroes in their own right and take substantial flack for the stand they take. Even “coming out” as pro-life to a teacher can be huge. This will be the generation that wins this war. I love their boldness.

Look around you today – who is watching the stand you are taking? (It is okay, isn’t it, to share stuff like this with friends without it coming across as prideful?)

Stepping Out in Faith, Stepping Up to the Challenge

Many people like to become “robots” and act like everyone around them. They just want to follow the crowd, but how many people actually stand for what they believe? My pastor stands for what he believes and Read the rest of this entry »

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