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Watching the political primaries in Florida tonight underscored the next thought I wanted to throw out regarding heroes.  That thought being… they are all flawed.  With the exception of Jesus, or perhaps a fictional or cartoon hero, they all have a human side.  This fact alone ought to keep us from any form of hero-worship.  

Those of you who have scouted out my blog here perhaps noticed I’m into a biography of Truman. It’s 1007 pages long so I’ll tell you how it ends later. But he’s a hero with regard to being a political intercessor for Israel. He went against the political current of the day, against his own advisors to, in his words, “set right a historical wrong.” Jews called him the American Cyrus. Trygve Lie, the Secretary of the UN (in 1948) said, “If there had been no Harry Truman, there would be no Israel today.”

However, I recently read an article by Abraham Foxman, the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, called Truman, My Flawed Hero. Foxman lists a few of Truman’s shocking anti-semitic comments and attitudes and concludes;

Truman was a product of his time and of a civilization’s attitudes. The anti-Semitism revealed in his diaries is a stain on his reputation. Still, he remains a hero of Israel.

Some of the men who have most influenced by life, guys I view as heroes of this or that, all are flawed in this area or that. When I’m around them I shake them like apple trees and pick up all the good apples and leave the rotten ones lay. We need to do this with all of our heroes. And worship only God.

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