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This is a great book! We were blessed during our 12 city Urgency Tour in February to have Danielle and Darlene drive from KC to Church at the Gate here in Sioux Falls to personally deliver 300 copies of Justice Loves Babies so we could give them out to South Dakota pastors. God, raise up a children’s prayer movement for the unborn!

More info and ordering information here.

Barack Obama says fatherhood begins at conception. Big thanks to Tony Perkins at the Family Research Council for putting on YouTube an important follow up question that the media surely won’t be asking.

This speech was given by Sen. Obama at the Apostolic Church of God in Chicago. Nothing out of the ordinary there, he and Hillary Clinton are speaking in churches every weekend. Hmm. If I were to invite John McCain to speak from my pulpit how long do you suppose it would before the IRS would get complaints? That’s soon to change… September 28th here we come! It’s a new day!

Culture is downstream of politics. Politics is downstream of righteousness. Righteousness is downstream of a relationship and intimacy with God. The church is called to connect people with God and release and equip them to see to it the Kingdom leaven permeates the entire loaf of society. This is the flow, the stream, we read of in Amos 5:24 – “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” We need Amos-like prophets to rise up in America again and cry out for justice for the most vulnerable in our society – the unborn. Martin Luther King Jr. was that voice a generation ago crying for justice for those not considered “fully human” back then.

Yesterday someone set fire to the governors mansion in Texas. (What a senseless loss for the state of Texas. I hope they catch the guy.) For whatever reason this news item caught my attention. Perhaps because I’ve not looked at the news the same since I read this great book. A couple elements of the story seem symbolic and prophetic to me – fire and the dwelling of the governor. I’m inclined to think Texas represents something but I’m not sure what.

I’ve been thinking about fire a lot lately – the fire of God, revival fires, purifying fires. It hit me as a metaphor or a prophetic picture when I saw this picture of the governors mansion. What if the refining fires of God were to burn in the heart of our national governance?

Phooey to those of you who think religion and politics shouldn’t be mixed and please don’t drop Jesus’ line about his Kingdom not being “of this world” in the comment section. He is the King of kings and the Cross was a political retribution… he laid his life down in the political sphere. His Kingdom certainly IS to be IN this world. It’s not OF it because it comes from heaven. Our work is to daily contend for his Kingdom to come here and now on earth as it is in heaven.

His kingdom is not to be relegated to any sector of society (sacred/secular) but it should permeate the whole loaf – politics included. We can’t keep asking God to BLESS America while we do nothing about putting forth laws and legislators that he can actually bless. His Word says he can’t bless unrighteousness, so let’s set forth righteousness and watch what God does.

We need the fire of God in the dwelling of the “governors!” Guess who the Bible says is to rule and govern the earth? You and me. Don’t misinterpret this and think I’m advocating a theocracy of sorts. I’m not. I am talking about the mandate on the church to influence society. If we don’t influence culture somebody elses values will. I believe God will hold salt-less salt accountable for societal decay. I care about my grandchildren’s world too much to let this nation rot on my watch.

But the American Church is ramping up to November fully clueless on these matters. Today I read some are saying 40% of evangelicals will probably vote for Obama. Meanwhile, those contending for the plight of the unborn shake their heads in dismay. Many leaders in the black church including TD Jakes are lining up behind him (7500 Obama-supporting black pastors met last week in Hampton Virginia). I’m guessing they didn’t discuss how Obama is a prominent supporter of that which has caused black genocide.

And then there is the up and coming Emergent Church. The hip “Emergent Church” is capturing the hearts of young evangelicals to reject the religious right but in doing so they tolerate the separation of righteousness from justice. Friends, the religious right has the righteous message and the religious left is pressing the justice message (except for the unborn). But a Kingdom-minded Church needs to aggressively press BOTH righteousness and justice in the public square.

My good friend Randy spotted this one. I love his title – Jesus, we plead your blood… over the unleaded?

There’s a great video clip on this over at FoxNews called Divine Intervention but I can’t get it to embed or link here.

Oh God, our hearts are full but our pockets are empty. God, deliver us from these high gas prices. O Lord, these high gas prices, bring them down O Father.”

God is the only one we can turn to at this point,” says Praying at the Pump founder Rocky Twyman. “Our leaders don’t seem to be able to do anything about it. The prices keep soaring and soaring.”

At least they aren’t praying… “God, give me gas.” In case you are wondering, CATG will be taking a pass on this one. Crazy I know, but we rounded up some gas money and sent a busload to our state Supreme Court in Pierre at 5:30 AM this morning to contend all day in prayer for mercy on our nation for shedding the innocent blood of the unborn. When God answers that prayer, his favor will fall on the nation again and our economy will turn around. Until then, carpool. Or, trust him to make your last gallon go 100 miles – I have a great testimony where God did just that!

Note to the faithful going to pray at the pump… leave the vigil candles back at the church.

Al Gore is a prophet who lives wealthy and hypocritically off the offerings of his followers. Global warming has become a religious belief – there are believers and unbelievers, infidels and apostates, proselytes, evangelists, hypocrites and corruption. There are rituals, creeds and divination. There is blasphemy and “truth” albeit inconvenient. There is preaching, prophecy and indoctrination. There are disciples (the media), and the professors have become the high priests and apostles of evolution. Their textbooks are now Holy Writ. The faithful vow to follow no matter what the true facts may show. Abortion is the sacrament. A global Crusade is underway with converts and casualties. A Jihad has been called against the only thing in the created order that bears the image of God. The salvation of the planet is only in the extermination of people.

So much for the “separation of church and state.” So much for NOMA – the “non-overlapping magisteria” of science and religion. But then again, what do you expect, this isn’t science anymore, these are faith-based initiatives.


Happy Earth Day! Perhaps you are aware I’ve been preaching for a month or so on the theme Origins: God’s Green Earth. The series is all about the earth, the environment and the end times. This whole creation/evolution debate is a worship issue in that it’s about who gets the credit, the glory and the praise. I encourage you to tune in via the podcasts if you are outside the area.

This past weekend was especially important as I connected the dots between the population control movement and the global warming movement. This is not just about how we all need to drive hybrids and use high effeciency light bulbs. What we have here is an evil, unholy end-time alliance. (DVD’s of the message are available – you’ll want that over the audio-only version as some key video clips and charts that I used in the message are only on the DVD.)

Here’s the deal, media mogal Ted Turner is pouring his billions into Algore’s three-year propaganda campaign. If you haven’t seen the Ted Turner clip I showed a few weeks ago, check it out for yourself. He says “we’ve got to stabilize the population – there are too many people.” He advocates getting the planet from 6 billion people down to 2 billion through global one-child per family policies like they have in China, through forced sterilization and by getting reproductive health care services within walking distance of everyone on the planet. Of course that is all code for “abortion.”

First, the problem the globe is facing is de-population not over-population. We need more babies right now not less. Second, we all want to save the planet, especially Christians. God gave us the mandate to steward the earth and we abdocated that mandate and the world has picked up the “green mantle” in a misguided way. Third, Satan is at war with God and, people, human-beings are the only thing in the created order that bears the image of God. Satan is a liar and a deceiver. He knows people won’t buy the “kill people” agenda so he’s packaging it “save the planet.”

All this fuss over whether it’s getting warmer or colder is just a smokescreen for something far more devious. It’s like the devil is distracting mom and dad by getting them to fuss over the thermostat all the while he is taking their children.

Jesus spoke of the convulsions in nature as sign posts of the end of the age. He said it’ll all be like birthpangs. We know there will be false prophets at the end of the age, but if it’s like “birthpangs” then we can expect some false alarms, some false labor. Just like years ago when I rushed my pregnant wife to the hospital and they sent us home a couple hours later because it was “a false alarm,” Jesus is saying “heads up, there will be some false alarms before this all comes to pass.”

Think about these things as one billion people today, earth day, sound the “alarm.”

Leaders know that when you are fighting the good fight people say stuff about you, both good stuff and bad. Being human we tend to give more weight to the bad and let it bother us more. It probably takes three affirmations to outwiegh one low jab. Church at the Gate is filled with affirming people and I’m blessed. But today I got a big blessing from a CATG mom who forwarded on her eighth-grade daughters language arts assignment to me – it was about me! Gulp. I’ll post it below.

This is a first for me and quite an honor! Had the realization that this next generation is indeed looking up to us for models. That’s not something to take lightly. I also know these young gals and guys wearing pro-life shirts and buttons to public schools are heroes in their own right and take substantial flack for the stand they take. Even “coming out” as pro-life to a teacher can be huge. This will be the generation that wins this war. I love their boldness.

Look around you today – who is watching the stand you are taking? (It is okay, isn’t it, to share stuff like this with friends without it coming across as prideful?)

Stepping Out in Faith, Stepping Up to the Challenge

Many people like to become “robots” and act like everyone around them. They just want to follow the crowd, but how many people actually stand for what they believe? My pastor stands for what he believes and Read the rest of this entry »

Once again we can thank God for stirring Hollywood to drop another LIFE gem into the mainstream of American culture. Those with prophetic ears and eyes will certainly see what Hollywood surely had no idea they were showing us. That’s because God can even speak through a donkey. Let’s pray adults nationwide see what a theatre full of children have no trouble seeing – the value of life no matter how small.

Stephen Schwartz in his book “The Moral Question of Abortion” lists four differences between the born and the unborn, none of which make either less of a person.

1. Using the acroymn SLED, the first difference between the born and the unborn is SIZE. The unborn is smaller than a newborn. But Gary Coleman is smaller than Shaquille O’Neal and it would be absurd to say Gary has less moral value than Shaq.

2. Second is the LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT. An adolescent is more developed physically than an infant but that doesn’t give it a greater right to life. A person is no less a homo sapien in its earlier stages than in it’s latter stages of development.

3. ENVIRONMENT is the third difference between the born and the unborn but it too is irrelevant to personhood. Where one is is irrelevant to who one is. A newborn in her mothers arms is no more a person than one still in its mothers womb.

4. Fourth is the DEGREE OF DEPENDANCY. If dependancy is a factor in determining one’s intrinsic value than it would follow that people in nursing homes somehow lose their humanity when they lose their ability to live on their own.

What we have in Horton Hears a Who is a prophetic parable or a timely allegory for America. He who has ears let him hear what the Spirit is saying to this nation.

I’ve asked CATG’r Brenda David to share the testimony of a young Chinese girl she and Phil are helping through the Luke Society. Phil is the international ministry coordinator of the Luke Society which offices here in Sioux Falls. Brenda is the Luke’s Society’s prayer coordinator. The Luke Society is an interdenominational organization of Christian health and business professionals dedicated to medical missions. They support indigenous Christian health professionals who have a vision to reach their own people. My comments resume after the pictures below. SH

Xia Fen is a 21 year old girl in Anshan, China, who was raised by her grandparents since she was five. She was a bright and diligent student with big dreams but sadly had to give up her education because of her family’s poverty. Her grandfather died leaving her with a grandmother too old and feeble to care for her. At 21, it was her now her turn to take care of the family. She decided in Aug. 2007 to go to Hai Chen, a larger city nearby, to find a job. She soon met a “kind” young man, seemingly out of nowhere, who approached her and who began courting her. He was full of charm and promised her the world. He assured her he’d help her find a good-paying job in another city. She was naive and believed him and went with him to Gai Zhou. And there her new “job” began.

She was taken to a hotel and locked in the room. Just like all the other stories you’ve heard, Xia was abused over and over again and until she was “broken.” Then she was forced to provide sexual service to the hotel clients. She screamed, cried, struggled and resisted….but to no avail. She was devastated with the reality that she had been kidnapped and was no a prisoner. After days of staring at the hotel window, she decided it was her only escape. She finally got up the nerve and jumped out of the window which was several stories from the ground. Four hours later, she was found unconscious and taken to a hospital. It was too late for surgery to repair her spinal cord. She had no money, no insurance, and no hope….and now no use of her legs. She had escaped the sex trade, but sacrificed her legs to do it. She had to find a way to survive. She went to live with her sister – also struggling in poverty – who could only provide the her barest of necessities.

A friend who helps provide wheelchairs contacted Luke Society’s Dr. Xu Zhang who went to visit her. His heart broke for her as he found her teary-eyed in a cold and bare room – depressed and dependant on others for everything. Dr. Xu, himself a Chinese surgeon turned China’s version of Joni Earekson Tada, made sure she was examined again by orthopedic specialists, but they were told it’s just too late. She would have to learn to live with her condition. She was provided a wheelchair through Dr. Xu’s Bethesda Rehabilitation Clinic along with a copy of Joni Eareckson Tada’s book. Xu and his team are committed to help her gain some independence and meaning in her life. She’s beginning to smile again. And she’s discovered she has a talent for embroidery which she hopes will bring her some income. She doesn’t want to be a burden on others.

Pray for Xia’s salvation, and that God will heal her heart and help her find purpose in living. ………No that’s way too small….pray for a miracle of early-church apostolic proportions. We’ve been promised the lame will walk and the blind will see and the deaf will hear. This beautiful China doll has been broken in every way. Let her walk again, God! Xia is one of my intercessory assignments. I feel a responsibility in praying her into wholeness. Will you lift up a prayer for her? BD


SH: In countries like China where girls are not wanted and have been aborted, abused, abandoned now for decades, we are seeing the emerging epidemic of the global sex trafficking. Wait, I thought Planned Parenthood was on the side of women?? No!! They are THE leading organization worldwide exploiting and exterminating women. In a 1997 report, the World Health Organization estimated that more than 50 million Chinese women were “missing” from the current female population. According to, the lopsided male-female ratio in China caused by sex-selection abortions is worsening, pushed up to 120 men for every 100 women. Pre-birth sex selection and female infanticide in China has resulted in a population distortion and imbalance leaving 111 million men in China – more than three times the population of Canada – who will not be able to find a wife.

I yanked this paragraph from a Concerned Women of America article; “China is a major destination country for sex trafficking because of the shortage of marriageable women there. Pakistan and Afghanistan have significant numbers of sex-selection abortions, but the problem is not yet having the impact that it is having in China and India. In addition to sex trafficking, there is a rise in bride trafficking — Korean men, for instance, are finding brides in Vietnam.” Women are trafficked from North Korea, Burma and Vietnam and sold to the highest bidder.

Granted some girl babies have been adopted internationally, but it’s estimated that a million or so “orphaned” girls are consigned to state institutions so abysmal that one documentary film referred to them as “dying rooms”.

Imagine a woman getting beaten by her husband just moments after she gives birth to a girl, being thrown out in the cold and told not to come home with the baby. She abandons the infant girl at a police station and it goes to an orphanage. This happens in shocking numbers in China today. Our silence creates a veil over this thing and we become complicit in it.  Will there be silence even now in the comment link above?

See my review here. Me thinks God is up to something dropping these LIFE gems into the mainstream culture this year.

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