A couple weeks ago I had breakfast with my pastor friend of many years here in town, Jim Hoogeveen of Heartland Community Church.  Jim was just a few days away from departing on a summer long sabbatical which starts in Egypt, (pic: up “Mt. Sinai”), then he’ll follow the footsteps of Paul, Jesus and end the summer doing what I did last summer – submerging himself in the world of the Reformers/Europe. It’ll be his first time in Israel – I told him from my experience, he’ll never look at the Bible the same again after being right there where it all went down. ((I don’t remember exactly but I think Jim started Heartland the same time we started/ ’94 – we both met in those early years in a new church planters think tank we had going in town.)) 

Pastor Jim was fortunate to be a recipient of a Lilly Foundation grant which is a National Clergy Renewal Program. 1500 pastors a month leave the ministry and the Lilly Foundation is trying to refresh God’s laborers so they cross the finish line.

I really look forward to following his travels, reflections and experiences and invite you to do the same – guaranteed we’ll learn something. Pray he and Lois are safe, and that they are refreshed. You can follow his travels here, be sure to scroll all the way back and catch the posts he’s already put up.  He and Lois will end the summer with family celebrating their 40th anniversary.

Kristen and I have a couple nice pics from a decade or so back of us on camels in deserts – no better place to be if you want a God encounter! Ha! (Our camel was a two-seater though.)