This weekend, on Mother’s Day, I start a new message series, a three-week mini-series that I’m calling “Small World.”


Small World is about having a global perspective and concern – it’s about the big things our big God wants to do through little ol’ you and me. 

Small World is a missions series where I’ll explore the mandate of God on the Church to reach the world – no one is exempt from this call. I’ll talk about the unprecedented connectedness of the world and globalization and how historical and geographical divisions are becoming increasingly irrelevant. I’ll talk about what the Bible says about the immigration issue presently facing our nation. I’ll address the fact that global problems are here in our backyard and that yes, we are to be our brother’s keeper.  It’s a series on being a World Christian, not a worldly Christian, but rather someone who has not only a passport but has a passion for the justice issues facing the hurting in our world.  This isn’t a series about how bad the world is…. it’s a Good News series…. He’s got the whole world in His hands!