Recently I’ve been encouraged to make available past message series I’ve done. We put a TON of work into these in terms of graphics and quality but mostly what we aren’t wanting to waste is what is really there – dump-truck loads of content– Biblical exposition and revelation.  Some people cut corners at work, however when it comes to teaching on the weekends, I don’t.  In fact, I do agree with those who are telling me it is a shame that this stuff just goes in and out our ears only once. So, I’m going to start featuring past series here and you can order them here.  More to come.

I did a seven part series called The Fall Away Factor back in 2007 as a follow up course to the Omega Course….

The Spirit clearly and explicitly says that in the latter times some will abandon the faith.” (1 Timothy 4:1) Of all the glorious and much anticipated facets surrounding the Second Coming of Christ for his Bride the Church, there are significant horrors as well. One being a foretold great falling away of those who were previously settled in the fold. The soft spirituality and hardly-committed American Church will surely see the greatest defection when being a follower of Christ really starts to get difficult. This abandonment will go beyond backsliding and backpedaling and into the realm of betrayal and renouncing core Christian beliefs. In a message series that runs parallel to The Omega Course, Pastor Steve walks through six factors fueling apostasy underscoring how we can ensure our lamp oil does not run dry.

Contains seven audio messages;

  • Part 1 – Don’t Let Your Love Grow Cold
  • Part 2 – Standing on Unstable Doctrines
  • Part 3 – Standing With Israel
  • Part 4 – Mad at God
  • Part 5 – Half-heartedness
  • Part 6 – Understanding the Times to Come
  • Part 7 – Bonus Message – The Days of Noah

$15 plus shipping – order here.