My friend, and fellow ARC pastor, Shaun King of Courageous Church is leading the way in Atlanta flood relief efforts. Way to go Shaun. Here’s where you can go to help. Shaun is the master of connecting with people online for Kingdom advance. You can follow his very popular blog or his bazillion Facebook updates and twitter updates. I love Shaun because he tells it how it is, like in his most recent Facebook update: “Note to Donors: Please do not donate your dirty draws & bras. I will have a scientist from GA Tech run a DNA scan & twitter your name.”


Shaun needs a 1000 volunteers tomorrow morning (Saturday 9/26) – if you are near there, load up a church van with people and supplies and get there! Or send a check!

I recently got in a little spat about whether churches should be tax-exempt – a guy referred to what we do as “taxpayer funded” churches. I had to remind him his taxes would be far higher if churches pulled out of the social support system. People have no idea. Thank God for guys like Shaun who know that government and insurance companies are not our HOPE!

UPDATE: He’s now got the Atlanta Braves on board to help – how cool is that? And he adds this line… “MOMENT OF TRUTH: We have spent every dime in our church account and every dime that has been donated to for flood victims.” How many of you know this guy is on God’s radar!

UPDATE 2: Now he’s saying “Twitter/Social Media is the #1 reason why the Atlanta Flood recovery is working.”  Let’s throw some gas on this relief effort and tweet and retweet!