Kristen told me I need to put something new up here on my blog because people are tired of checking back and seeing the negative title of the last post. So, something positive… we got a new puppy. Lucy is her name. I call her Goose. Here she is guarding one of the latest picks from our garden.
I sent this pic out a few days ago via Twitter joking that we are almost ready for the third seal/black horse (famine and food shortages) and that Lucy was guarding the loot.

So, until I get going here again on the blog, enjoy this picture and feel free to discuss the reality of food shortages in America and whether or not it’s wise to store food. Anything goes.  I’ll get you thinking…. Joseph prophetically saw seven years of famine coming and was able to set aside provision so he could be a blessing to millions.  How is food storage any different than life, health, or car insurance? If we don’t provide for our family aren’t we worse than an unbeliever? The government is telling their employees in Homeland Security to have 3 months of food stored up. If they are telling their people this, what do they know that we don’t? Some tell me it shows a lack of faith in God’s provision to store food. What do you think? I think abundance now IS his provision. I have a lot to say about this but I’ll let you all discuss.