Thomas and Caleb have enough movies on their laptops and ipods such that we could probably watch two a day. And, there is an extensive movie collection here at the house we are staying in. So far we’ve watched Luther, the Longest Yard, the Sound of Music, Transformers I and Transformers II (in a theatre), Santa Claus I w/Tim the toolman Taylor (Thomas does Christmas and Christmas Music ALL YEAR long) and Shindler’s List last night.

A few interesting things about seeing Transformers II in a theatre here – 1) your seat in the theatre is specific to the ticket you buy 2) the subtitles were in German and French and 3) halfway through the movie the lights come on and everyone gets up to go to the bathroom and get another bottle of beer.

The Transformers movies provided me an opportunity to explain and illustrate to Thomas and Kaitlyn the Catholic Doctrine of Transubstantiation which the Reformers combated here in the 16th century. Surely they would have fallen asleep during that ad hoc teaching moment had I not been able to relate the bread/wine physically transforming into the literal body/blood of Jesus to be kind of like the regular old Camero in the movie transformed into an alien. Thomas thinks that since arriving here I’VE transformed into an alien from the planet Zwingli. Kristen gives me the look that says – why can’t you just enjoy the movie?

Last night Shindler’s List was our choice. If you can believe it, I hadn’t seen it yet. Didn’t expect all the naked prisoner scenes during which all our kids are trained to look at the ceiling. It’s actually kind of funny when a nude scene appears on the screen to see three heads instantly pop up to look at the ceiling. Our job is to tell them when it’s over.

On a more serious note, the total disregard for human life here during the holocaust IS truly hard to watch, let alone comprehend. It’s so beautiful here its hard to imagine spiritual darkness so thick gripping entire nations. The movie is helpful to put faces and families where we have tended to only see large numbers and piles of nameless bodies.

I think we all need a list of those we are willing to give all we have/are to reach. I think Schindler saved something like 1100 Jews, many are no longer alive today but 6000 descendants of Schindler Jews are alive today.  I know that there are childen alive today because of my labors contending on behalf of the unborn warring against ideologies that deny them humanity. They have names and I’ve held some of them. I know teenagers who didn’t commit suicide and now have families of their own because I got involved in their life and combatted the spirit of death seeking to destroy them. Who knows if one day there will be 6000 descendants of those who are alive because of me, but it’s a work I’m honored to spend myself on behalf of.