A few of you may be following the dialog that has been on going at one of my recent posts here.  I’ve said some things that have evoked a notable Catholic response. Oops, not my intention, but hey. If you need to get up to speed go here.  

Kristen has followed our discussion about idols in the church and Mary worship and shakes her head at my ability to come here and in a matter of days re-ignite and get myself in the middle of a centuries old Reformation controvery with Catholics. Saying things that bother people is a spiritual gift I seem to have.

This morning, “coincidentally” I’m sure, Kristen was working through Allen Hood’s Excellencies of Christ CD’s/workbook and she came across something that brought me to some level of conviction with regard to Protestant smack talk about Mary. Hopefully I’ve honored Mary in what I’ve written even while seeking to keep our worship solely on her Son.

Allen is Caleb’s favorite prof down at IHOP in Kansas City. I love it that Caleb is there drinking up every drop of what Allen Hood is teaching. What an apostolic anointing to sit under!

Here’s a download link to the 2min 30sec sound bite that Kristen shared with me this morning about Mary.

Jesus’ Humanity_Mary   Allen is talking about the humanity of Christ.