This week we have intentionally crafted to be a slow week – we’ll see how I do with that – I like to be busy. Sunday I preached in Zurich and others can be the judge of how that went but I felt good about it. My topic was spiritual growth. And, surprise, surprise – Momentum came up.

A few years ago in Ghana I learned the hard way, in the middle of the message, that the word “momentum” is hard to translate. There aren’t many good one word synonyms, if any. My Momentum book is currently being translated into Russian, in fact the translating work is probably done by now, and I’m told the book will be retitled because there is no Russian word for momentum. I think they are using a word close to our word “impulse.”

SO, back to yesterday, in my message I was talking about the concept of spiritual growth and momemtum and my translator just used the word momentum. She later told me the German word for momentum is momentum.

Kristen hates it when I read out loud to her so I’m not sure you will be all that interested to read what I’m reading either. But, for those interested, at a pace of about 100 pages a day I’m plowing through my reading list. I’m nearing the end of my second Zwingli book and will sneak in the first NT Wright book, this one on Rethinking Heaven, before a short read on Calvin (prior to our time in Geneva). But I just ordered a weighty volume on Reformation History and inserted that into my reading plan and here’s my justification…

I believe God spoke a true word to Mike Bickle that… “I [God] will change the understanding and expression of Christianity in one generation.” And so, if that is about to transpire, I’d think it good that we have a pretty good grasp on how God did that the last time. Make sense?

Surely what’s coming will be a NEW thing, but alongside the blood of Jesus, these reformation leaders are part of the grand testimony by which we will overcome. (Rev. 12:11) And, in my beloved Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said “in the same way” they persecuted the prophets before you. That tells me some of all this is repeatable and will be repeated in the days ahead on a HNL (whole nuther level). And this morning I’m struck by how difficult and controversial, and lonely it is to go a new way with God. What I’m reading makes a few of the things I’ve gone through (for example, apostle-gate) seem like small potatoes.