I remember well the first time I preached aware that a homiletics professor was sitting in the church that weekend. And with as much as I write those feelings surface at times knowing editors (with red pen in hand) are out there reading what I write! And so it’s a huge blessing to have around me a few folks who happily proofread my stuff. (Is proof read one or two words?) (My Creation House editors told me I can’t use the word “stuff” and if I do they won’t print it. Sad, because I love the word stuff, it’s so all inclusive.)

Actually, much that I write gets by unedited. Every week now for years my good friend Carter Nesbitt has aided me in communicating (and developing our websites).  Most of the time he’s cleaning up and preparing the notes we put up during my teaching each weekend. However, he’s edited the early drafts of my 350-page-maybe-some-day-it’ll-get-published Sermon on the Mount book and every draft of the Momentum book and many other things.

Just moments ago he notified me of his new blog called… Couldn’t help but notice. Ha – the title is perfect for his gracious-style of perfectionism. The subtitle – typos, grammar errors and incorrect word usages – conjures up occasion after occasion where he’s pointed out how I’m in violation of the rules. (Really I make up my own rules and even make up my own words.) I’m totally apostrophe-challenged and want to state here that am happy to provide Carter with unending bloggable material. It took him seven years to get me to not type two spaces in between each sentence and I’m still not consistent there.

Check out his new blog – I’m adding it to my links.