The town of Salzburg is, according to some tourism stuff we have here, the third most beautiful place in the world. It probably is, our two days there were rain days so we figure the beauty was diminished by fifty percent. Today the rain is gone and this is the view I have right now here in Innsbruck Austria while sitting on the third floor patio in our hotel room.

Austria AM

Our week of tourism is nearing it’s end and I’m starting to gear up to preach this weekend back in Zurich. We have loved Salzburg. We toured the salt mines here and that was a blast wearing white suits – wait for the pics on the kids blogs coming soon. We did the Sound of Music tour and saw all the places the movie was filmed.

Salzburg is also Mozart’s hometown and all his music was composed here. Also, Silent Night was written and played for the first time in a little church (no longer there) just outside of town. Tom has a picture of himself on his blog next to the guitar that Franz Gruber and Joseph Mohr used to play the song the first time. Here’s a little pic of the first measure of the original handwritten autograph of Gruber and Mohr’s famous Christmas carol. The story of how it has spread world wide into over 300 languages, has been song by both sides in the trenches on the front lines of world wars on Christmas Eve, etc – amazing.

notes silent nightIn terms of cities possessing “redemptive gifts” – music must be Salzburg’s redemptive gift, Mozart, Silent Night, Sound of Music… the hills are alive with the sound of music. (This was an easy city to find a gift for Kathy (CATG worship leader)). Even the beauty here seems like creation’s song of praise. I spent some time reflecting on sound in the created order and the glory of the Lord – longing for ears to hear and eyes to see what is really there in terms of visible sound waves emitting from this place. Some of you know what I’m talking about. The whole earth is filled with his glory – his glory (if we had eyes to see it) is visible and its audible (if we had ears to hear it).