Literally, right outside our quaint upper room window, starting at 5 am, a dozen to fifteen crows decided to re-enact what sounded like the Sound of Music for the rest of the neighborhood. Here’s an eight second clip – make sure your volume is up so you can appreciate this fully. Then imagine it’s 5am and it’s all right outside your window.

I rebuked them openly at 5:15 dubbing them the “vultures of Dachau” though now that designation seems an insensitive overstatement, considering. I did think to ask God why my interceding Rizpah’s back home weren’t awakened to their post to shoo off the ravens on my behalf. Then I realized it’s a bit selfish to pray he’d waken them to pray that I’d sleep. (Years ago KH and I had a similar experience when a rooster was stationed right outside our window when we stayed at Yassar Arafat’s compound in Gaza City.)

It was a rough night anyway. I went to bed with a head filled with yesterday’s dose of the reality here between 1933 and 1945. And just prior to hitting the pillow I openly rebuked these territorial spirits in my last post on this blog. No wonder the spirit of death harassed me throughout the night with terrors.

To make matters worse, my US/UK power converter didn’t work so I had to go to sleep without my C-PAP breathing machine. (Funny thing though, I mis-spoke and referred to my C-PAP machine as my “pap smear machine.” Only seconds later the look on Kristen’s face alerted me to my error. I mumbled something like… “C-Pap – pap smear… same difference.” Her second look I wish I could have captured on film as it’s still etched in the fear sectors of my brain.