Did the Autobahn today for the first time. Getting passed by people going 120 miles per hour is nuts and I’ll confess, I may not have had much sympathy if I came up on one of these cars all mangled on the roadside.  Who knows, I may have slowed down and yelled Galatians 6:7.  Geesh.

There is a discernible change in the spiritual atmosphere between east and west Germany. Tangible in fact. Munich needs Jesus.  Tonight we are staying in the Fischer Hotel in Dachau, the town known worldwide for the Dachau Concentration Camp. 200,000 people were held prisoner here, 43,000 died.

I’m dialed in on the pastors/priests imprisoned and killed here. Dachau even has a “Priest’s Block.” 2720 pastors and priests were imprisoned here. 1,780 of them were Polish. 1,034 of them died. Like…

Hermanus Knoop was the pastor of the Reformed Church of Rotterdam-Delfshaven. He was arrested on November 19 (KH and I’s anniversary day) in 1941 for praying these five words on a Sunday morning in his church… “bringing politics to the pulpit.”

Nanne Zwiep was the pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church in Enschede. He also spoke out from his pulpit against Nazi’s and their treatment of Dutch citizen and anti-Semitism. He was arrested and died in Dachau of exhaustion and malnutrition.

Father Jean Bernard was a priest from Luxembourg. He was arrested by German occupation forces as a symbol and warning to others who were part of the Luxembourg Catholic Resistance. Bernard survived his time at Dachau because he had a brother who intervened with Nazi officials. He later wrote “Priestblock 25487: A Memoir of Dachau.” A movie, “The Ninth Day” was made about his experiences in Dachau and is based on his diary.

Dachau’s most famous clergyman was Martin Niemoller the Lutheran pastor who along with Karl Barth and Dietrich Bonhoeffer founded the confessing church in Germany. He signed the “Stuttgart Declaration of Guilt” which was penned by leading figures in the German Church. It’s a confession of guilt that the German Church did not do enough to resist the Nazi’s.

How many American pastor’s do you think I could get to sign a Declaration of Guilt for their silence since 1973?

Here’s the video trailer for the Ninth Day movie…

One of the things I didn’t expect was to see that the town of Dachau has now grown all around the camp (which was once far enough out of town that, until the camp was liberated in 1945 and the American’s marched the town residents through the camp, the town residents didn’t know what was really going on there.)  But now an apartment complex is literally backed right up to the camp wall.  People’s patio decks overlook the gas chamber area. I couldn’t live there. No way. But guess who did set up shop in one of the apartments there?  Check out Kristen’s blog on this too. No joke, as we were leaving Dachau Concentration Camp tonight the air filled with the shrill sound of the Islamic Call to Prayer. The Muslim’s set up a house of prayer there. I bet every grieving Jew who visits here to see what happened to their mom, dad, brothers and sisters finds that repulsive. I did.