At anytime in the last couple of centuries, if they were looking for a fine timepiece, the well-to-do anywhere in the world would likely be told… “try getting in touch with the Beyer’s of Zurich.” What an absolute honor that my family today was invited to visit with the remaining seventh generation Swiss watchmaker, René Beyer!  His family’s store, Chronometrie Beyer, “the most famous watch store in Switzerland” was founded in 1760. Here’s a little flash video from their website.

René Beyer a precious brother in the Lord and a walking encyclopedia about “time measurement systems.” And to have him give us an all-the-time-we wanted private tour of his personal clock and watch museum underneith his downtown Zurich store was a very special treat.

Over 500 priceless items that’ll blow your mind.  The collection starts with an ancient Egyptian pot that has a hole in the bottom that drip outs water continuously – each mark on the inside of the pot denotes one hour. What I didn’t expect was the 90 minute download he gave us on everything from astromony, calendars, kings, empires, seedtime and harvest, wars, smuggling, gold, etc. etc.  (Interesting… did you know the watchmakers guild in Zurich won’t admit Catholics into membership? It’s unreal that the Zwingli rejection of Catholicism is still so evident here 500 years later.)

I’ll spare you the fifty pictures we took and just show one for now.

beyer watches 002

René and I are in front of a clock known as a French mother and baby clock!  Actually it’s the Pendulette Renaissance en forme de clocher dans un écrin en cuir or something like that. The “mother clock” below sets the baby clock above (which is a removable pocket watch during the day and rejoins mother at night.) I have totally butchered the sophistication of how this one clock below energizes and sets the other clock and the fifteen other mindblowing things it can figure out and do. This particular clock belonged to Napoleon’s older brother, Joseph Bonaparte the king of Spain. This clock alone is a whole blog post in itself.  I think I got five sermon illustrations and a GIANT pro-life analogy from this clock alone.  Even how he acquired it screams…. SPIRIT OF ADOPTION!

He sent me home with a full color book on his watches, his family, etc and I can’t wait to dive into it.  I’ll probably post a few times on the theme of time – it’s a strong theme for me in this season… our time is in His hands, beginning and the end. That’s all for now.

More tomorrow on some Zwingli sites in Zurich – I’m now into the second Zwingli book I brought.  This morning I had a major directional time with God that was launched by a extremely significant dream I had last night – if you follow my Twitter you know of that already.  I’m convinced I’m in God’s time right now. If you feel as if you are out of God’s time right now in your life, reconnect with him asap and get back in sync. You don’t want to miss the moments he has for you.