Imagine the good feeling I got today when I hopped on the scale and discovered I lost 148 pounds—– since yesterday. The feeling didn’t last long because I quickly realized the scale was in kilograms. (Using the googles I discovered that to convert kilos into pounds you need to multiply the pounds by 2.2). 

Frankly, the multiplication of pounds has been part of the problem in terms of the weariness wall I was hitting last fall – and part of the plan on this sabbatical is to subtract not multiply. But I’ve never been good at math. Enter Jim Rieffenberger, my life coach. Jim’s a strong believer and has his work cut out for him in my case this summer. The plan is that part of me will not come home from this trip – the fat parts.

In some of the countries I’ve been in  – like Ecuador or Vietnam – I’ve come home much thinner than I left. I’ve never had a big appetite for guinea pig, bush rat or snake egg omelets. However, already I’m not thinking this will be easy in Germany or Switzerland. Every village here has it’s own chocolate factory (not a huge temptation for me). But the cheese and sausages here hold powerful sway over me.

This afternoon while reclining at the waters edge of the Lake of Zurich, being handed a plate with a variety of sausages, I thought about the power of good food. We teach fasting at CATG and encourage folks to push the plate away – wanting God more than sausages and cheese. You’d think that’d be an easy choice… supernatural God or… sausages.  Hmm.

It reminded me of the Israelites following God’s lead into the Promised Land. (Interesting that they called it the “land of milk and honey” – land of delicious food.) As they were journeying along, the Bible says they were not focused on anything supernatural – they were thinking about the fish they ate back in Egypt, the cucumbers, the watermelons, the garlic, leeks and onions.

Imagine that. God just parted a sea for them, they had a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, they had sandals that wouldn’t wear out and fresh water gushing daily from the rock. And they were actually seriously considering walking away from all that to get back to Egypt because of the good eats. Who would have thunk that my first major obstacle in the way of me getting more of God on this trip would be German sausages?

German Sausages

In the last couple months I’ve lost eight pounds. In the past couple days I gained half of it back. One of my boys tried to explain to me earlier today that “cheese will plug you up.” Maybe they are right but that sure doesn’t account for four pounds.

At home Kristen and I have been walking down to the end of the driveway and back in the morning and evening – about a mile total.  Tomorrow the walking starts for us here on the trails of the Black Forest

Black Forest…. isn’t Black Forest a kind of cake?