Sabbatical Day Two – Here’s a few pics from the baptism service we held today at the Lake of Zurich. What a beautiful setting at the foot of the Alps. One of the members of the church has a many millions of dollars place right on the lake. O my. More on that fellow later – he’s an eighth generation Swiss watch maker with stores worldwide. This week he’s going to give me a tour of his store and show me his watch museum. I collect pocketwatches.  Bet you didn’t know that.

I’m off topic here but I will share that I had a major download during worship today on our time being in His hands – beginning and the end. More amazing stuff from the Book of Ecclesiastes (which I’ve been stuck in since my mom’s funeral.) 

Back to the baptisms.  This fellow in the white shirt gave his life to Christ one year ago – he retired recently from a career of playing professional handball. He was then recruited by a sports shoe company and he’s a part of their marketing team. Lakeside, he told me his testimony and moments later he stood in the water with arms outstretched thanking God and it was powerful.

Sad that he’s lost all his friends and family because of his decision to follow Christ.  They think he’s in a sect that raises hands in church and is fanatical.  (Remember, a fanatic is merely someone who loves Jesus more than you do.) His response to his friends/family…

On Friday we all used to go to the stadium and raise our hands to cheer on the team we loved. On Saturday we’d go to the concerts and raise our hands celebrating Madonna or whoever the pop-god was who was playing in town that weekend.  Now I go to church on Sunday and raise my hands to the One who is really God – the One who changed my life – don’t you see that all of YOU are in sects where hands are raised to that which you love?

He said people respond to that by saying, “Oh. I guess you are right.”  I told him I sensed an evangelistic anointing on him. He said he’s open to that as a vocation.  His name is Andy.

Baptism at Lake Zurich

Baptism at Lake Zurich 2

Baptism at Lake Zurich 3