Miss me?  Word got back to me that I need to put something fresh up here because everyone is really, really tired of looking at my Sept. 9/Dr. Scholer post every day they come here to check the blog for updates. I have been posting fairly regularly at my pro-life blog – Voices Carry. Not sure what to say as far as my ramp-back-up plan for this GatePost blog. Keeping both blogs going is tricky for me especially as Kristen and I are trying to block out large blocks of our freetime for a writing project we are working on together. I’m praying about how to proceed.

Maybe I’ll mothball both blogs or one of them. One of my friends noted it’s like all or nothing with me here – I post like a madman or post nothing at all. Maybe there is a way for me to get a managable rhythm going again. Last week, the VoicesCarry blog ranked #4 for “the most influential political blog” in the state and letting that go seems a waste. Prior to the election it hit the number two spot. I’ve been invited to be a regional political blogger for a right of center aggregate site. Part of me wants to broaden out the Voices Carry site beyond the topic of abortion and start hammering on several issues in the culture war that interest me. And, there is so much fascinating religious news out there in our world each day that I have so much to say about, like this, but nowhere to say it. I have to be careful on this site what I say politically because it’s directly tied to the church and I don’t like that restraint at all.

Yesterday I got a notice from Cluster Maps that …

…an annual automatic ‘archive’ of your red dots has taken place, meaning that all your ‘other’ (previous) red dots are safely stored in the Maps Archive, which you’ll find by clicking on the Maps Archive link immediately above your large full-size world map. Although the map archive has already happened, your existing map will stay displayed until the NEXT update of your map. This helps to avoid displaying a totally empty map until there are fresh dots to show.

So, I thought to post the old map here before it disappears from sight.  It says I had 33,363 visits from 11 Jan 2008 to 11 Dec 2008.


I don’t get how Cluster Maps does their counting – they say… “Total/subtotal discrepancies above are typically caused either by IP addresses not currently being in the database or by the gap between counter tallies (continous) and map updates (which may be daily, weekly, or monthly).”  Sounds like tongues to me. According to my blog counter, which is accurate, the numbers this year are as follows.


You can see what happens when you stop posting  – as I did here in August.

Whatever I decide, I welcome your input and really appreciate your interest to read what I’m writing and thinking.

Some of you have emailed or asked about the ChristmasBlog we did last year. I’m sorry we tabled it this year – it just wasn’t in the cards. I promise it will return next near. But, even without us putting up one new post since last December we averaged over 200 hits on that site each day last week from all over the world. People around the world are emailing asking why we aren’t doing a 2008 Christmas blog. People are even sending us Christmas product links asking us to feature/advertise them on the Christmas blog. Amazing. I wish it was going too. O well. Noel.