I just got word that my favorite seminary prof just died. I took every course this guy offered and begged him to let me be his research assistant. Dr. David M. Scholer is well-known for his course “Women, the Bible and the Church” and you can thank him for the stance I take today on God’s heart for women. The LA Times just did a great story on him – particularly about his courageous journey with colon cancer. Especially if you or someone you love has cancer, I really encourage you to listen to his final sermon which is linked at the bottom of the article.

This was sad news for Kristen and I, we were in their home many times. There are some professors who have no catagious zeal for their subject matter and at the end of the course you never want to talk about the subject again. Not so with David Scholer, he loved the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke in particular and his love for the Word sent me out of his class every day sharing what I just learned with everyone who would listen. I still go to my notes from his courses frequently.

I’m filing this post under heroes.