Though some are probably smiling, I found it quite sad yesterday to hear about Todd Bentley getting separated from his wife. Thousands every day speaking word curses over him (that was the main point of all my blog posts on him) – a demonic full frontal assault all on a guy with a lot flaws and a lot of growth and maturity yet ahead of him. Ministry is extremely hard and even harder when you step out and get radical for God and the Kingdom. The devil plays hardball when it comes to ministry families. And, who knows what was going on with Todd, but so many ministry guys serve Jesus and let their wives serve them. We miss warning signals and convince ourselves that things are better than they really are.

I hope you are moved to pray for Todd Bentley and his family. The God who can heal bodies can certainly touch a marriage. The devil likes to claim victory but God may have something even greater up his sleave in terms of redemptive purposes here. It’s still about Jesus.

I really like Lee Grady and know him from when I had my book published with Strang. His commentary on this matter is good even though I take a different view at a number of key points. I resonated with his statement, “it wasn’t supposed to end like this.” But then again, God is big and can bring good out of bad and whether you do or not, God loves Todd Bentley.

I agree with Grady’s assessment that what we saw in Lakeland was “raw zeal for God” but disagree there was a wholesale casting aside of discernment. I’m sad because it’s a step back perhaps for a lot of people and those I was trying to temper in my posts will surely shift now from being scoffers to gloaters. Those who are already connecting dots between Bentley’s controversial teachings and practices and his marriage troubles will have trouble explaining to me why the wives of the more “orthodox” guys (like Pastor Charles Stanley) sometimes leave too. All eyes on Jesus and we’ll grow from this too.