08/03/2008 – KELOLAND NEWS
Early Morning Heat Burst Hits Sioux Falls
What meteorologists call a “convective heat burst” sent temperatures skyrocketing early this morning in Sioux Falls. Temperatures rose rapidly from the lower 70’s to 101-degrees between 4:15 and 4:45 am. A heat burst occurs when warm air from 10-thousand to 20-thousand feet above the surface is forced to the ground. The heat burst also brought strong winds that knocked down some power lines and trees in the Sioux Falls area.

This has got to mean something. Those in watch and pray mode – I welcome your theories. I was reminded of this prophetic word which recently appeared on the Elijah List;

“For even as you have felt the degrees, the heat throughout the summer – as you have felt the heat throughout the summer, even up to now – there shall be records broken. It shall be a sign: the earth shall boil. For,” God said, “they shall say, ‘What is happening in the soil? Shall we talk about global warming?’ What do those that live on My earth know about what I have structured for the universe? Do not mock Me, do not mock Me,” says the Lord, “with global warming.” For the Spirit of God said, “Things will be shown and will be revealed in these next two years that shall come from the earth, that will prove the creation of man, that shall prove some of the Biblical things that have happened,” says the Lord. “Watch through the summer as the degrees go high and then suddenly low, low.” For God said, “Do you know what it is? It is a sign that I am sending to you…” says the Lord.

I thank God for air conditioning because I slept right through it.