Yesterday someone set fire to the governors mansion in Texas. (What a senseless loss for the state of Texas. I hope they catch the guy.) For whatever reason this news item caught my attention. Perhaps because I’ve not looked at the news the same since I read this great book. A couple elements of the story seem symbolic and prophetic to me – fire and the dwelling of the governor. I’m inclined to think Texas represents something but I’m not sure what.

I’ve been thinking about fire a lot lately – the fire of God, revival fires, purifying fires. It hit me as a metaphor or a prophetic picture when I saw this picture of the governors mansion. What if the refining fires of God were to burn in the heart of our national governance?

Phooey to those of you who think religion and politics shouldn’t be mixed and please don’t drop Jesus’ line about his Kingdom not being “of this world” in the comment section. He is the King of kings and the Cross was a political retribution… he laid his life down in the political sphere. His Kingdom certainly IS to be IN this world. It’s not OF it because it comes from heaven. Our work is to daily contend for his Kingdom to come here and now on earth as it is in heaven.

His kingdom is not to be relegated to any sector of society (sacred/secular) but it should permeate the whole loaf – politics included. We can’t keep asking God to BLESS America while we do nothing about putting forth laws and legislators that he can actually bless. His Word says he can’t bless unrighteousness, so let’s set forth righteousness and watch what God does.

We need the fire of God in the dwelling of the “governors!” Guess who the Bible says is to rule and govern the earth? You and me. Don’t misinterpret this and think I’m advocating a theocracy of sorts. I’m not. I am talking about the mandate on the church to influence society. If we don’t influence culture somebody elses values will. I believe God will hold salt-less salt accountable for societal decay. I care about my grandchildren’s world too much to let this nation rot on my watch.

But the American Church is ramping up to November fully clueless on these matters. Today I read some are saying 40% of evangelicals will probably vote for Obama. Meanwhile, those contending for the plight of the unborn shake their heads in dismay. Many leaders in the black church including TD Jakes are lining up behind him (7500 Obama-supporting black pastors met last week in Hampton Virginia). I’m guessing they didn’t discuss how Obama is a prominent supporter of that which has caused black genocide.

And then there is the up and coming Emergent Church. The hip “Emergent Church” is capturing the hearts of young evangelicals to reject the religious right but in doing so they tolerate the separation of righteousness from justice. Friends, the religious right has the righteous message and the religious left is pressing the justice message (except for the unborn). But a Kingdom-minded Church needs to aggressively press BOTH righteousness and justice in the public square.