Some are comparing manifestations at the Lakeland Healing Outpouring with Kundalini. Kundalini is a demonic strain of yoga. The word means “coil” and the idea is that a serpent is coiled around the based of your spine. That serpent can be awoken through intense meditation and prayer and the people under this influence display very bizarre behavior. And there are some remarkable similarities between the outward displays of those under the influence of Kundalini and those in the meetings at the Lakeland Outpouring. And of course, those in the seat of scoffers are preparing video clips saying they are one in the same. I hope if you take the time to watch the clip, you’ll also take the time to read my take on it below. What is happening in Lakeland is crushing the head of the serpent, not calling it forth. Not all the manifestations are the same – no one in Lakeland is slithering like serpents. We saw one person there manifest a demon and people sitting around immediately shifted into deliverance mode to deal with it.

In response to these valid concerns, I’m devoting this post to the subject… the “Florida Healing Outpouring – Todd Bentley, the manifestations of the Spirit or Kundalini?” In a follow-up post I will speak to the issue of – Is Todd Bentley a New Age Mystic? My answer is NO – not New Age, not Kundalini. Mystic yes. In a follow-up post I will show what mysticism is in the Bible and in church history. There is Christian mysticism and Non-Christian mysticism. Evangelicals just write off all mysticism and manifestations as bad. I think their favorite hymn must be – “I Shall Not Be Moved.”

There are both enormous differences and remarkable similarities between Kundalini and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. My view is the reason is because the common denominator is a human being/body. I suppose a guy could put a few video clips together of people laughing hysterically and then show how one, say a Muslim, is obviously laughing at the fall of the twin towers and then draw the erroneous conclusion that this same horrific event is ultimately behind the laughter of the rest, even the children. After all, the manifestation of hysterical laughter looks identical no matter what provokes it. Does it matter that the children on the video were laughing at Sponge Bob not the death of 9/11?

It absolutely does. And this is where there are enormous differences with Kundalini and the Lakeland Outpouring. The Lakeland Outpouring is about Jesus touching you. The God who can touch your mind can touch your emotions. And the God who touches your emotions can certainly touch your muscles. I remember the first time my wife touched me, I got a bit weak. Who can stand, literally stand, under the touch of God? When anything supernatural touches the natural, the natural is profoundly effected.

And, let’s not forget Satan always has his counterfeits. The reason the Bible differentiates something like “lying signs” is because there are true signs that look quite similar but aren’t (2 Thessalonians 2:8-11). There is much overlap in the religious practices and expressions of a variety of faiths, Christian and non-Christian – prayer, fasting, self-denying, Scripture, pilgrimages, music, ritual, rites, chanting, meditation, giving and so on. It’s no different with a variety of manifestations, we see similarities in manifestations in Christian and non-Christian religions, and we see remarkable differences.

Some are writing me saying “this revival isn’t of God because the fruit of the Spirit is self-control.” But that verse isn’t saying we have to be stiff, stoic and calculated all the time. The verse is simply saying for example, that after God touches you and the Spirit starts increasing in you, you won’t blow up the next time you get mad like you did before because the Spirit in you now tempers you. The Bible also says the manifestation of the Spirit can look like drunkenness to those on the outside – laughing at things not really funny, stumbling, nonsensical speech, passing out? (See Acts 2:13, 15, 1 Thess. 5:7) I think the Bible leaves the door wide open for wild meetings like we are seeing in the Lakeland Outpouring followed up with changed living.

One person wrote me saying a simple reading of 1 Corinthians 12, 14 reveals this to be a hoax revival because meetings should be orderly. I agree, the gathering of the people of God should be orderly. But God can disrupt a service can’t he? And was Paul talking about regular weekly meetings primarily or was he saying that if another fiasco like the Pentecost Outpouring (Acts 2) breaks out somebody better squelch it quick. There is a time for everything. There is a time for order. And there is a time for God to shake the foundations of all that we are and do.