Last night was Honors Night at Patrick Henry Middle School – Kaitlyn is wrapping up eighth grade there today. The fact that she is hitting high school and already old enough to drive in South Dakota (14) is a bit weird for me. Kristen has driven to PHMS every school day for nine years with one of the three kids. An era is over. (Funny… I typed PMS and just caught the missing H – thank God I caught the missing H)

Thomas makes the switch now from Lincoln High School to Roosevelt High School since we moved closer to Roosevelt. Caleb graduates from Lincoln on Sunday. He’s thinking about that – today I’m thinking about how do I preach a shorter message in the second service on Sunday so I can get to the graduation ceremony by 1 P.M.. Kristen is thinking about getting food prepared and tables, etc… big graduation party here at the compound this weekend. You can read my earlier tribute to Caleb on his 18th birthday here. I’ll add just a few thoughts here…

Caleb is bigger than I and he’s proud of that – but I always retort with… “Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man… stature without wisdom just makes you a big dummy.” I’m happy to report the wisdom growth is notably catching up. He still throws the cats in our creek but, even there, lessons are being learned… they scratch him so badly he won’t go near them and the end result is he doesn’t throw them in the creek. I think he’ll fare fine in the adult world.

On Monday, I gave him his graduation present – a black MacBook. Kristen thought I should wrap it. I decided to put it in the fridge right before he came home from work. I briefed the other residents of the home and we acted like nothing was different and sho-nuf, the boy went straight to the fridge – smiled, took out his cell phone to snap a photo, grabbed the computer and some string cheese. Years ago I used to trap raccoons and muscrat. Same basic process… set bait carefully in a frequently traveled spot, back away and wait. Snap! Only this time Caleb got caught in my blessing trap.

He’s a blessed boy and a great blessing and he’ll affect many people’s lives.