So much is going on. We are watching the Florida outpouring and have plans to go dip in the stream there on May 21-24 with numerous other CATGr’s. I have more to say about all that but I’ll let it cook a while longer.

We had great services this weekend and, like I said in one of them, it’s getting harder and harder to step up after the worship time and transition to the next thing. Can anybody say – linger? How about “let loose?” For years I’ve seen myself as the leader of our weekend worship services. It’s quite different now. About halfway into the second/third song I’m typically relegating my role there to Him and telling Him to let me know if I’m up next or He is. It’ll be interesting to see where we are in a few months if this continues. Am I the only pastor who wonders… who will stay if He does come? We had someone leave our church recently because, get this, they loved our church but are leaving because they didn’t know week to week what would happen in a service. God bless them but that comment seems a compliment to one who has been summoning the Wind of behalf of the dead that they’d come alive a vast army. Isn’t there a verse about “the wind blows whereever it pleases… you can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going.”

After the CityChurch service on Sunday night, I stayed up real late with Thomas making a catapult that can launch a pingpong ball size object 30 feet – a project for school. Yesterday I really tried to slow down some. I’m not sure I succeeded. I mowed, got sunburned forearms, worked some more on the chicken coop – only two of our 120 broiler chicks have died here in the first week. The rest are happy and strong. Last night the boys and I cut up a huge dead tree and then entertained the girls with the mother of all bonfires. Surely it was visible from the moon.

It’s a bit of a scramble today with appointments and getting ready to head to DC tomorrow until Friday. A wedding is on the slate for this Saturday and Mothers Day services are coming this weekend. Then Caleb’s graduation the next week which means… a day or so to get the place ready for a big celebration. Then the following week I’ll go check out what God is doing in Lakeland. Oh, and we are about to break ground for our home addition.

Here’s my 525 page slowdown plan for the plane tomorrow. Thanks to Nicole O. for the tip on this new book which looks like it goes right in the flow of what I’ve been hammering on from the pulpit. Like I need more fuel for that fire. Kristen still thinks a fiction book will relax me more and says things like… “a book shouldn’t make you mad.” I don’t know about her but I get a baptism in God-infused energy and zeal when I read about the war we are in for LIFE.