Big thanks to my friend Steven M. Collins for this guest post. As usual, Steve opens the Scriptures in untraditional ways showing things we wonder why we didn’t see all along. Recently Steve gave me a preview of a fascinating paper he was about to post on his website – “Is the earth 6000 years old.” I’ve linked to the full paper here and also at the end of his guest post. After reading his paper a couple of times, I asked him to write a guest post here to sum that up and that is what is spelled out below. Steve lives here in Sioux Falls with his wife and family, has written five books on Israel, and is one of our life group leaders. More on his books and his blog on his website. Pray for Steve’s health – he’s unable to travel and take speaking engagements right now. Lord, touch this brother!

Pastor Steve, I am really enjoying your message series on “Origins: God’s Green Earth.” I agree it is critically-important that we understand the foundations of our beginnings in order to truly understand our Creator and his purpose for our lives. As you have been giving your “Origins” series, which has a strong emphasis on Genesis 1, I have been putting the finishing touches on an article which complements the subject matter of your messages. My article addresses the “Creation vs. Evolution” debate from an entirely new perspective.

My article strongly affirms a literal understanding and application of the scriptures, and I believe that by combining the account in Genesis 1 with creation accounts in other books of the Bible (Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel, etc.), we can actually reconcile the differences between the scientific community and the Christian community regarding the origins of the earth and life itself. We know that God has eternally existed. Have the creative efforts of an ageless Creator (in the physical world) been limited to only the most-recent 6,000 years, as many “young earth” Christians maintain?

Christianity thinks (correctly in my view) that mankind and all species on the surface of the earth date to a literal, one-week creation by God approximately 6,000 years ago. Science says the earth and Universe are millions or billions of years old. Is it possible that both views are right and that Christians and scientists have been talking about different “creations” altogether and misunderstanding each other? My article asserts that the scientific teaching that the earth is vastly older than 6,000 years is entirely compatible with the Bible, and I definitely do NOT support any version of theistic evolution in making that assertion!

Genesis 1:1 states that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Job 38:7 adds the angels sang for joy when they witnessed the creation of the earth and Isaiah 45:18 states that God made the earth “to be inhabited” and NOT in a “tohu” (Hebrew: “desolate or empty”) state. However, Genesis 1:2 records that something happened which devastated the earth and left it in a “tohu” state at an indefinite time after its original creation. Genesis 1:2 records that the earth was a flooded, darkened, desolate place before Creation Week began! This means the book of Genesis, when taken literally, asserts that the earth was here before “Creation Week” begins in Genesis 1:3. The Bible records, therefore, that a global catastrophe and great extinction had taken place on the earth before Creation Week. God’s Creation Week efforts brought forth on the earth a new set of species of mostly mammalian animals and with mankind made in the image of God Himself. This was a very different world than the previous dinosaurian world, which science now confirms went extinct due to a global catastrophe. Science and the Bible agree that there have been global extinctions or near-extinctions. This agreement allows for Christians to be correct in asserting that modern species and mankind are approximately 6,000 years old, but it also allows for scientists to be right that the earth itself existed for a very long time prior to Creation Week.

My article also offers what I think is a plausible scenario re: why Lucifer, a high “covering cherub” rebelled against God and why apparently one-third of the angels (Revelation 12:4) joined him in that rebellion in a badly-mistaken belief that Lucifer could win a war against God. Surprisingly, part of the evidence for this scenario is found in the fossil record unearthed by the scientific community which indicates the age of dinosaurs ended with a great global disaster and a mass extinction.

For some “outside the box” thinking which is also firmly rooted in the scriptures, I invite others to read my full article at the link below. It is my belief that the information in this article will strengthen the faith of Christians regardless of their denominational affiliation by both affirming the Bible and exposing evolution to be the hoax that it is. Christians do not need to “apologize” for the Bible’s creation narratives. It is the evolutionists who need to do the apologizing!

Here again is the link to the full article – Is the earth 6000 years old?