Had a great Easter at CATG! Music rocked! Many many new people. Salvations! Particularly I was blessed by Travis & Jessy Miller sharing their testimony… it really and deeply blesses me to hear how CATG is being used by God to reach people for Christ, restore marriages, change the destiny of kids.

There was much talk at our home this Easter weekend about eggs. Not Easter eggs per say. What’s happening is we are resurrecting “Hickey’s Egg Farm.” In high school I had 500 chickens and an egg route delivering farm fresh eggs. The baton is getting passed now to Kaitlyn. Maybe she will call it “Kaitlyn’s Country Fresh Eggs” or something like that… stay tuned. Have you noticed the price of eggs lately?

Preparations are in high gear. I roped in Ben who serves so faithfully as THE trustee overseeing the church building addition. Like he didn’t have enough to do… I now have him making new windows and a door for our chicken coop. I’ll be sure to take before and after pics because this thing is getting fully restored. Also had CATG’r Clifford over this afternoon to talk chickens. Unexpected development there… initially it was about putting new shakes on the coop roof for the layers. But we decided to partner up to get 100 chicks this next week and fatten them up over the next couple months to fill the freezer. BBQ anyone?