The Urgency Tour last week was a big success.  I was able to connect with 175 pastors total, that number does not include any of our team.  Also, in nearly every city, key area pastors took materials and told me they would personally go connect with a few others who weren’t able to be present. The Church in South Dakota is awake. This will soon be the safest state in the nation for the unborn.

While all that was great fun, additional fun was had en-route as we talked in the car. The most fun though came in the evening at the hotel as we got out our laptops and tried to one-up each other by showing our favorite youtube clips.Here are a couple that made me laugh.

Do any of you body language experts know what blinking means? Cheney’s face is hilarious to me – what do you suppose he’s thinking?

Still on a political theme – this too made us laugh – be sure to watch all the way to the end…