Last night the USS Lake Erie, in international waters near Hawaii, launched a SM-3 missile into space at a disabled school-bus-sized US spy satellite. One shot… the Pentagon reports nothing larger than a football remains. šŸ™‚

The satellite was 130 miles in the air traveling at 17,000 miles per hour. The SM-3 missile travels at 8,277 miles per hour which means it took about a minute to hit the target. But, weather, wind, sea swells, and the curve and rotation of the earth had to be factored in. You thought leading a rooster pheasant on opening day with your 12 gauge shotgun in a brisk South Dakota wind was a trick.

China expresses concern this was a thinly disguised attempt to test our anti-satellite weapon system. China was put on full alert for possible fall out.

International tensions regarding blowing spy satellites out of the sky with long-range high tech weaponry illustrates we live in a dangerous age. These are likely the very “arrows” foreseen in ancient prophecies of archers shooting arrows at the tribes of “Joseph” at the end of the age.. This is the time for strategic, high-level praying over international issues. The armies of the earth are obviously getting ready, is the praying church ready for what is ahead?