Only on rare occasions have I been at a loss for words. My problem lies more in the fact that, more often than not, I don’t feel like talking. This will surprise some because my weekend messages certainly don’t reflect that – especially if you are going by your watch. Or, here on this blog, coming up with content isn’t a problem, my frustration is whether I should start a couple of other blogs so I can focus more specifically on all the topics overflowing in my head.

I’m careful to not be a parrot and repeat what others are saying. Pastor Sunday Adelaja wrote in the foreword to my Momentum book that most America church leaders are simply writing books that quote each other. There isn’t a fresh word from God in the land. That’s what I’m listening for today. Bob Sorge writes about the difference between being a voice and being an echo. He says many seminaries send you out with an echo (as you submerge yourself in what others throughout the centuries have said about God.) Noting John the Baptist, he says we find our voice in the Wilderness with God.