GUEST POST: I asked a friend who is presently in China to contribute a story or testimony from the underground church there. What follows is a transcription of a testimony from a 32 year old woman from Chengdu, China. It’s not safe to post her real name so for here we’ll call her “Mei Ying.”

Jesus Showed Me He Loved Me

I had to buy some air tickets for a friend and she introduced me to a Lawai woman (Lawai is what Chinese call foreign people). This woman was from America and was working in China. She was so kind and smiled at me. I thought “This woman is very happy and kind.” She asked for my mobile telephone number and after that day she called me many times to say hello and ask how I was. One day she called me and asked “Mei Ying, are you busy? I want to speak to you today…

“She invited me to her home and it was a very hot day. We went up on the rooftop to drink some tea and she started to tell me about Jesus and how He loved me. How He died on the cross for my sin and now was alive and wanted to come into my heart. I had never in my life heard such things! I had no words to say. Then suddenly, even though it was a very hot day, I felt a whoosh! a cool and powerful wind came from nowhere and moved my heart! Nothing in my life felt this powerful – I honestly feel at this time I have no other choice but to accept Jesus in my heart as he showed me He was alive and the only true God by this powerful wind!

When I receive Jesus my friend the American woman cried so much and hugged me! I felt like she was my big sister and was so very happy! Today I love Jesus every day! I know that He loves me and will never abandon me. He is so real to me. He has given me so many things – so much hope for the future! I will always be grateful for the American woman that first showed me such kindness, treating me with so much love. Before even I knew Jesus I realized that this woman was different from all the other people I had met.

Jesus showed me He loved me through this woman. If she had not told me about His love I would still be alone in my life. Now I will never be alone because I know my Father!!! Love my Father so much!


1. Estimates vary, but somewhere between 20,000 to 30,000 people a day in China convert to Christianity!!!!!!!

2. Again, estimates vary, but somewhere between 130 and 150 million people in China are Christians. 50 million are in the underground church. The rest are members of the TSPM state registered churches which forbid any youth or children’s work, preaching on Christ’s return, Creation, healing, evangelism. There is a steady drift away from TSPM churches to the house churches due to compromise demanded by the government.

3. According to Carl Lawrence, an expert of the church in China, 80-90 percent of those who convert to Christianity do so because of a miracle, a dream or vision, a divine intervention of some sort or a first-hand testimony of sign and wonder.

4. The Internet is creating extraordinary new opening for evil and for good – the latter in providing discipleship and leadership development materials.

5. China has 10 million abortions a year (nearly all girls) – 40% of the world’s suicides are in China.

6. In the Anhui Province, there are only 40 pastors for the 2000 registered “state” churches (One pastor for every 7000 members – only one in three members have a Bible). The lack of leadership and orthodox teaching has resulted in Anhui becoming “the cradle of heresies” spawning extreme sects and cults such as Lightning in the East, Shouters, Established King, and Cold Water.

7. The Church of the Lord Jesus Christ (est. 130-150 million members) is larger than the Communist Party of China (est. 60 million members). It is illegal to teach religious “superstitions” (i.e. true Christianity) and those who do are sentenced to 15 years in “re-education camps.”