So far, 800 US congregations are signed up to celebrate Darwin Day this Sunday. Some are calling it Evolution Sunday. It’s Darwin’s 200th birthday and the 150th anniversary since he published “The Origin of the Species by means of Natural Selection on the Preservation of the Favored Races.” I spelled out the entire original title to underscore the racists roots of this ideology. Of course, the last phrase is left off modern reprints. Darwin has now reached sainthood status in some churches.

100 “ministers” have submitted sample sermons and they are posted on-line at the sponsoring website for clergy who need help with what to say this Sunday. I’m probably just going to stand up in our services this weekend and read Genesis 1-2 at the top of my lungs!

Here in this picture, taken on Evolution Sunday last year, UCC Pastor Pete Terpenning and one of his members reenact “The Lucky Little Seaweed” an evolutionary parable about cooperation in the evolution of land plants.

Here’s the deal, I’m not God. If I was, the two most offensive words to me in the english language would be “chance” and “choice.” Chance is the creed of those who say all that is just happened by chance. This would offend my creativity. Choice is the cry of those who think life or death is their’s to decide. This would offend my sovereignty.

Out with the Bible stories, in with the Lucky Little Seaweed… O my.