China has always seemed unreachable to me. Even as a kid, try as I might, I couldn’t dig my way there. The closest I could get was Chinese food (which, by the way, I love). When I was first wrestling with God’s call on my life to “go into all the world” with the gospel, China never seemed like an option. I knew I wasn’t smart enough to learn the language. I could picture myself learning Spanish or even an African tongue but even looking at the characters of the Chinese alphabet made me panic. 

Besides, it’s supposedly a “closed” country. Gray-haired missionaries to China like famed David Adeney used to come to our church and talk about how the missionaries were kicked out in 1949.  China is Communist with a capital “C” as in cruel or cold or closed. I knew enough about Bible prophecy to know this nation would rise up against the children of God in a vicious way at the end of the age. So, basically, there has always been this big wall between me and China. 

The wall is coming down. I don’t have to learn the language – the largest English speaking country in the world in five years will be China. Raise your hand if you think God is up to something there. There’s more; I don’t need a shovel to reach China from here, just a computer. More on this later.

For now, want some homework on this topic? Start here… a few years ago 150 people in our church all read the story of Brother Yun together. His book is called “The Heavenly Man.” Read it if you haven’t already. Then, learn something about the Chinese Back to Jerusalem movement. Check out the website and be sure to watch the video.