Yesterday was all about the Super Bowl.  Tomorrow will be dominated by Super Tuesday.  Here’s a few headlines that grabbed me today. 

  • China battles coldest winter in 100 years. 
  • NJ Middle school issues ban on intentional flatulence
  • MICROSOFT offers 42 BILLION to buy
  • Not really a headline, but an ad that I’ve been thinking about all day…
  • Sometimes I slow down, step back and prayerfully ponder stuff like this.

    Regarding China, why is this headline hidden and how can CATG go online in 08 to reach millions there with the love of Jesus? Regarding the need for a new law outlawing flatulence in NJ schools, maybe someone should fire the school cook. It all starts there. Regarding Microsoft’s 42 billion dollar bid for Yahoo, we are indeed a rich nation to whom much has been given. Regarding, coupons for discounted killing, Lord have mercy on us.