All afternoon I’ve been watching TheCall/Orlando on GOD TV. On the stage right now are the seasoned leaders who for the last 30-40 years have led THE major Christian mission movements globally today – YWAM, Campus Crusade, Wycliffe, Teen Mania, etc., etc. These are the noble “sent ones” (apostolos) who have been leading movements to take the gospel to every corner of the earth. 163 denominational and organizational presidents, leaders and CEOs along with some 550 key Christian leaders and experts have convened in Orlando, Florida for the past four days. The sole purpose of the 4-day consultation is to plan, strategize and partner for the completion of the great commission. Check out Call2All for the website.

What’s happening right now on the stage is these key leaders are joining hearts with the leaders of the global prayer movements of the earth. We are seeing the marriage of end-time mission and end-time prayer. They’ve divided the world up into 4000 zones to concentrate on evangelism and church planting and are commissioning Lou Engle and Mike Bickle and other prayer leaders to raise up Houses of Prayer in each of these 4000 zones of the earth to undergird and go before this effort with 24/7 fasting and prayer. It’s Zinzendorf all over again!

Personally, I’m deeply deeply moved to see these two major end-time movements come together. Hearing these evangelical leaders bless the apostolic and prophetic prayer movement and use terms like “apostolic” chokes me up because some of us have been crucified for talking in these very misunderstood scriptural terms that they now use so freely on this stage. Is the era of animosity over calling apostolic work “apostolic” over? Has the era of prophetic missions dawned? Hell has got to be freaking out right now. The house of prayer is again the sending forth Kingdom representatives. Jack Hayford said it’s a prophetic moment in history. I wish I was there.