Drum roll please…

The next hero on my list is CATG’s own Megan J.! Several reasons for this nomination. First, and something I haven’t even shown her yet because I wanted to announce it here… she made the COVER of a new college sociology textbook called “Social Problems!!!” I love it. (Megan is the one with the LIFE tape over her mouth praying here for the unborn – second column from left, three down).

I know you’re not supposed to talk about a woman’s age, but we are talking early twenties here and she’s already shaking society in notable ways! Admittedly there is a bit of (spiritual) fatherly pride coming through here but what pastor wouldn’t boast when a young adult in his church bucks the culture and takes a visible stand for the least of these. Actually, Megan’s mug shot already graced the Washington Post about 18 months ago.

Age is irrelevant to heroism. Looking out over the sea of faces at the Washington March for Life last week, many people from the platform noted the face of the pro-life movement is young – most under age 30. These are the survivors, Roe v. Wade survivors. 50 million of their peers didn’t make it.

Megan represents an emerging army of Nazirites who God is raising up in our nation – worshippers, history-changing intercessors, lovers of God. Be sure to click on the Nazirite link here and read Lou Engle’s comments. These are the heaven-sent heroes of our day. I’m committed to them and celebrate them.