For the locals tuning in here… the Firestarters are at the River tonight (CATG West Campus) at 8 P.M.. We expect it to go until it stops. I’m expecting God to move mightily so I hope you can come. Tomorrow afternoon they are doing a seminar for us on prophetic dance.

In other news, Bound4LIFE South Dakota invites you to participate in prayer with us tomorrow, Saturday January 26. 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM – Prayer Siege at the Planned Parenthood, 6511 West 41st in Sioux Falls. You may park at the Assemblies of God west parking lot. It is going to be in the 20’s – downright tropical! My friend Matt Lockett, Director of Bound4LIFE International will be there. Matt will be at CATG West Campus Sunday morning. He’s not preaching but I’ll twist his arm to say something. I’m going to hitting the subject “Enemies of Greatness – Part Two” so buckle up for that. There are other activities here on Saturday with Matt and Bound4Lifer’s from a five state area. If you are interested call the church office (605) 357-8136 for more info.