Four years ago this coming June God spoke to me clearly about making ministry to children central and not an afterthought. We started GO Kids! Daycare & Learning Center several months later. (We have 70 kids on the waiting list right now to get in!) We’ve risen to be a regional voice for the plight of the unborn. Kids at CATG are being released into their gifts and calling. Our Children’s & Youth Ministry Equipping Center rising mightily out of the ground and will be open in April. But, really we are just getting started. There is so much more to what God is calling us to do.

The next hero on my list had a heart for hurting kids that is unparalleled. I’m referring to Amy Carmichael (1867-1951).

Facesciously, first off, I like her because she’s Irish. (Yep, Hickey is Irish – it’s like Johnson over here – common… four pages of Hickey’s in the Dublin phonebook. I know because I tore them out and took them home with me. After being laughed at my whole life for this name I figured it was ok for me to do this.) Pardon the digression.

While listening to Hudson Taylor as an 18 year old girl in Northern Ireland, Carmichael committed her life the Great Commission. God gave her a burden for India and she fervently prayed God would change her blue eyes to brown so Indians would have less difficulty accepting her. Amy Carmichael served Indian orphans for fifty-five years without a furlough!! Read that last line over and over again until it is crystal clear why she makes my list of heroes. Fifty-five years without a furlough screams “relentlessness” to me.

Carmichael dressed in Indian clothes, dyed her skin with coffee and walked long hot distances just to save one child. She is famous for founding an orphanage and spending her life saving babies abandoned and left to be raised as temple prostitutes. Quite prolific (writing 35 books), her sentences are dense with the reality of costly discipleship: “One can give without loving, but one cannot love without giving.”

If any of you are looking for a “theological companion,” consider wading deep into this remarkable life. I recommend you start with this biography. Then read If (her most famous book).