Greatness and optimism are the themes I’ve felt led to lead the year off with so far via the pulpit and the blog. Anyone aspiring to greatness must surely have heroes they look up to and role models before set them. So, I will do two things in this run of posts on heroes…. 1) I will feature those on my list and 2) invite you to list and comment on your heroes via the comment link.

This week is also a key week for LIFE. Today marks the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the judicial act legalizing the killing of our posterity. You can tell a lot about someone by who they look up to. Planned Parenthood continues praise their founder, hero, and patron saint of feminism, Margaret Sanger despite her overt racist agenda. Bad seed brings forth a bitter harvest. One of my heroes is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – be sure to read yesterday’s Martin Luther King Day post on my life blog regarding how Sanger’s dream is killing Dr. King’s dream.

My list of heroes is in no particular order. But, again, because this is a key LIFE week, I’ll start with Phill Kline, former Kansas Attorney General. I’ve watched him from a distance these past couple years, know his rival Paul Morrison from a trial I testified at years ago, but I heard Phill Kline speak today and this guy rocks!!

Besides being from KC and graduating from a Shawnee Mission school (my roots too), anyone the Planned Parenthood website lists on their top 15 “domestic terrorist” list is a hero of mine. He’s also on their “top seven list of politicians you don’t want in your bedroom.” But Phill Kline rises to the top in my book. If I was for cloning I’d say clone him. The next best thing is for us pastors to encourage the lawyers and legal and legislative minds in our pews to take up these justice issues with all their might.

Kline is the only person in America who has been able to obtain the frightening abortion records from Planned Parenthood. He has the goods on this organizations pattern of criminal conduct – the covering up of sex crimes against minors. ABC News reported that “women’s reproductive rights activists are beginning to wonder whether Kline might deliver a big blow to abortion rights not only in Kansas but across the country.” You can read here the grave threat he is to the enemies of life.

Perhaps you would rather me list somebody, or at least start off with somebody, who is less controversial. Nah. The church has been too soft and too silent for too long and I think it’s time to point out we have a real hero in our midst here – a man who has gone to war against a great evil, one who is vilified, smeared, and demonized all because he has his hands on the truth that Planned Parenthood is a safe haven for child rapists, among other evils.

Why is this guy my hero? He motivates me to war against evil regardless of cost to personal well-being and reputation. I guess you can either dialog here about this or change the subject and share about a few of your heroes.