“Nugget” keeps watch over my desk during second service today


Here’s a couple pics related to Friday’s post about the arrival of our new rooster! His full name is Colonel Campbell McNugget. Kristen wasn’t smiling in the one picture because she was mumbling some Scripture about something bad happening if this thing crows three times. I’m feeling like Noah must have felt – just grateful to God to be able to host his creation. Had a fleeting thought about what’s next

I head to DC Monday night for a couple days of meetings and rallies on the LIFE issue. Meeting #1 is at the Family Research Council with other pro-life bloggers. Second is a Bound4Life rally on the steps of the Supreme Court that you can watch live on God TV or online (airs Tuesday at 3 P.M. CST). Lou Engle is speaking and God TV is broadcasting it internationally. Third is the annual March for Life. I’ll drop in a few pics and perhaps comments so stayed tuned.

I have some concern about the wisdom of getting the rooster and then immediately leaving town. Had a dream last night about it getting out and Kristen having to chase it down in ten degree weather and what that would do for our marriage. Now I can’t get the song out of my head…. should I stay or should I go.