Before I say some more about being optimistic, I want to mention something I’m starting to get excited about… the Firestarters are ministering at the River next Friday night (8 P.M.). The River is CATG’s college and young adult ministry. The Firestarters are a super-anointed group of young people who call down the glory of the Lord as they minister through worship, dance, and art. I’m praying we walk into a visitation!! (If you are in the area, you are not too old to come. Maybe being in the midst of fired up young people is just what you need!)


I’m trying to start a fire of faith and optimism here at the start of ’08 with this series of posts. For those just joining us, Oh Yeah! ’08 is an attitude of optimism and faith for what God is about to do in our midst this coming year.  It’s a victory mindset sorely lacking today in the Body of Christ.  The Bible says “set your minds on things above.”  To all the pessimists God asks “is anything too hard for the Lord?”  

One of the keys to optimism is a grateful heart. Travel internationally and you’ll get a perspective on how fortunate you are. My experience in traveling to numerous poor places in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America is that in these poor pockets of the world there is no one on anti-depressants and yet the Christians I meet there are radiant. I’m just telling you what I observe, maybe you can leave a comment on what you think is up there.

I do know the best thing we can do to break out of a pity party is serve someone who struggles even more. Somehow in that God releases his life. Next time you feel the need to crucify someone or something with your mouth, remember God is in the resurrection business not the crucifixion business. Am I telling you to fake it even if you don’t feel it? No, but I am saying you don’t have to indulge it (pessimism that is) and speak everything you think and potentially contaminate the spiritual atmosphere around you. Words are seeds that grow into things, they release realities good and bad. Speak life over your life.